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Climate & Energy

Climate change is stealing pandas’ food

Bamboo might seem hardy, but it does not deal well with temperature changes.

Newfangled Google Mars is extremely rad

Mars always looked pretty good on Google Mars. But now thanks to fancy new camera action, it looks a lot better, and in more detail.

Sustainable food advocates should celebrate National Scrapple Day

If you're already thinking "eeeeeewwwwww," stop. Scrapple is a great, old-school example of nose-to-tail cooking.


These amazing parade floats are made out of flowers

There's nothing a little inter-neighborhood rivalry to really make groups of people dream up even more astounding creations.

Business & Technology

This concrete can heal its own cracks, because it’s packed with bacteria

Most concrete is lazy. It sits around and waits for someone else to patch it. But not this, the Horatio Alger of concretes.

Meet the rubber chicken that makes people care about space

Rubber chickens have a reputation for being silly. Camilla, the rubber chicken mascot of NASA's Solar Dynamic's Lab, is anything but.

Business & Technology

Four teenage girls in Africa have invented a generator powered by pee

We are jealous we didn't think of this first.

Business & Technology

One day, your ears could power your hearing aids

Human ears are basically a fleshy battery.

This recycled-plastic bike rack would be great if it actually worked

The rack's made out of 15,000 juice pouches made by Honest Tea, which donated it to the store. Now, if only it worked.