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Mesmerizing video shows London bikeshare users’ favorite routes

London’s bikeshare has launched over 5 million trips since it started in 2010. This animation by visualization specialist Jo Wood shows you where they’ve all been going. It’s more informative if you know the city — but even if you don’t, it’s kind of hypnotic. (It won’t let us embed, but New Scientist has a version with trippy music — highly recommended.)

We dare you not to cry while watching this man hand-feed a sick bee

An adorable bee was going to die until an adorable man adorably hand fed the bee honey and then the bee got better.


These park benches have a cruel sense of humor

Jeppe Hein's benches are supposed to make you more socially engaged, but they mostly just make you feel like you're being laughed at.

Omaha teenager starts a program to donate ungrateful kids’ fruit to the hungry

Schoolkids are now required to take a fruit or vegetable at lunch, but they're not required to eat it. This teen made her classmates donate that food instead of tossing it.

This design turns New York’s parking lots into awesome prefab apartment buildings

Innovative green architects want to make neato affordable dwellings for elderly and homeless and so on -- but can't we have one just because we're kind of poor?

World’s fastest one-liter-engine vehicle runs on cheese

Utah State University's small, speedy drag racer runs on cheese-waste-based biofuel.

Business & Technology

One square inch of glass will make your data live forever

It’s nigh-indestructible.

Business & Technology

Soon we’ll be able to grow leather in a test tube

By the end of the year, scientists will have grown a piece of leather .787 inches by .787 inches in size, without killing an animal. That is the goal of a company called Modern Meadow, Fast Company reports, and its lab-grown leather could one day be even better than the dead-animal hides that we still wear around even though (or, really, because) polyester exists in the world. The company is interested in creating lab-grown leather that’s identical to the “real” thing, but also in improving upon what already exists. “At this point, the goal is to create products that are …


How to prepare yourself for the Baconpocalypse

An industry trade group says that "a world shortage of pork and bacon next year is now unavoidable” due to the summer’s crazy weather.

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