Grist List

Here is a toilet that’s good at soccer

Never at a loss to create something totally weird, two Japanese companies have built a goalkeeping toilet. And it's supposed to be green somehow.

Dude in horse mask is like ‘screw you, Hurricane Sandy’

Oh great, now the storm is spawning reverse centaurs.

These college students figured out how to turn plastic bottles into water-conserving technology

They won a $100,000 prize for their plan to turn plastic bottles into toilets and rainwater harvesting containers.

Leopard seals will eat you, even if you are very, very tiny

Congratulations, leopard seal: you are the scariest seal. Not like competition was stiff or anything.

Incredible photo of a flooded Manhattan

It's worse than we thought.


Pretty much everyone evacuating Lower Manhattan lives on land we created

Writer Don Rogerson has noticed something interesting about Zone A in Lower Manhattan, an area that's been evacuated.

Important public service announcement from coastal Delaware

An important announcement from journalist Brian Stelter, live-tweeting from the Delaware coast as Hurricane Sandy approaches.

Climate & Energy

If New York’s carbon emissions were solid, they’d bury the Empire State Building within a day

In this visualization, each blue ball, 33 feet across, represents the metric ton of carbon dioxide gas released by the city every 0.58 seconds.

You think Sandy’s bad? Saturn had a storm that was bigger than Earth

The Great White Spot was as tall as North America and long enough to wrap several times around the Earth, and it raised the temperature in one part of the atmosphere by more than 150 …