Grist List

Business & Technology

Look at this f*cking hipster Starbucks

This Starbucks doesn't want to be like other Starbuckses. It's different. It's cool. It dresses better. It listens to better music. And it's totally into locally sourced materials.

Underwater neighborhood puts the ‘sub’ in ‘suburb’

These underwater houses are built for fish, eels, and crustaceans. We can't wait for The Real World: 25 Feet Underwater in Cancun.

Business & Technology

IKEA plans to sell only LED light bulbs

Because IKEA is so fricking ubiquitous, this is actually a big deal.

Relax, here’s a video of a baby jaguar sleeping in a hand

Does just what it says on the tin.

Climate & Energy

Climate change is going to shrink fish

Instead of “one fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish,” we will now have “three-quarters fish and 1.5 fish, red fish, blue fish,” which just doesn't have the same ring to it.

A tiny dumpster for your desk made out of recycled materials

Tiny dumpsters. For your desk. Or for neat storage of lots of stuff. Like magazines, and pens, and the scrolled-up, wax-sealed account of your first experience holding the tiny dumpster.


Barclays Center: Ugly, an insult to Brooklyn, and already leaking

The Barclays Center is an eyesore and didn't deliver the union jobs it promised. But luckily, it's apparently on track to fall down!


Campfire-scented beard cologne lets you pretend you’ve been outside

There are these sticks you can rub in your beard so you smell like you've been camping, which seems like more fun than camping, except that people with beards love camping, so why would they need this? One wonders.

Climate & Energy

Freaky picture of a super typhoon headed for Japan

Watch out, Japan, the Eye of Sauron is coming for you!

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