Grist List

Business & Technology

Giant wind turbine on wheels can be set up anywhere you want

It's sort of like a Transformer wind turbine.

This teen built his own tiny home so he could move out of his parents’ house

Austin Hay, 17, has finished building a 130-square-foot house that will keep him from needing a mortgage when he's not, you know, 17.

iPod’s packaging dissolves in water

So Apple's coolness factor is now going to increase, if that is possible. Their packaging dissolves in water. Yeah. Watch.


The Ukrainian Navy teaches dolphins how to kill people

The Ukrainian Navy is supposedly training dolphins to kill people. This is not the first time dolphins have been used in military strategy, but it is probably the most violent task that's been asked of …

Dolphins can stay more or less awake for 15 days straight

Scientists have known for awhile that dolphins can stay awake by turning only half their brains to sleep mode. What they do not know is how long dolphins can keep this up.

Climate & Energy

This 18-mile-long crack in Antarctic ice could birth an iceberg bigger than Manhattan

It might look like a hairline fracture from that far above, but it's actually massive.

These crocheted chandeliers are recycled from fashion industry leftovers

British designer Naomi Paul's lamps provide lighting designed to be flattering to both your face and your sense of goodwill.


N.Y.C. could solve congestion with a halo-like sky walkway

It's a little bit dreamy.

Construction of school building halted by newts

You can't build a school on an endangered newt habitat, so, uh ... everyone go home, I guess!