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Here’s the White House beer recipe

The White House has, as promised, released the recipe for its home-brewed honey ale -- and according to a professional brewer, it shouldn't be too hard to make at home.

Mean Tasmanian devils get cancer; nice ones don’t

In the epic songs that Tasmanian devils sing in the future (assuming that Tasmanian devils can sing, and that there are any left to sing epic songs), this period will likely be known as one of suffering and retribution by some angry god for the unrighteous behavior that has spread among the devil population. Because these guys have some serious Sodom and Gomorrah shit going down. The devils have been afflicted by a terrible plague — an infectious cancer, only one of two in the world, that guarantees that its victims will die a horrible death. The cancer causes tumors …


10 million pounds of maple syrup has mysteriously gone missing in Canada

It's not clear what thieves would want with that much maple syrup, unless they are Paul Bunyan, but whoever took the syrup -- worth more than $30 million -- must have put a lot of care and energy into the heist.

This dog saves whales by sniffing their poo

Back in elementary school, it kind of always felt like grown-ups were outsourcing the job of protecting the world’s cetaceans to us kids. You’ve got money AND cars; why don’t YOU save the whales, guys? But now this vital mission has been taken away from the elementary school children of America and handed to even cuter mammals: dogs. Or, really, just one very dedicated dog, as The New York Times reports. A rescued pup named Tucker helps scientists monitor whale populations by sniffing out their droppings. A dog named Tucker with a thumping tail and a mysterious past as a …

This site tells you how to save the world exactly like your favorite celebrities

Imagine if you suddenly got famous and really rich, and you had no idea what other rich and famous people did with their money. Imagine the sleepless nights, as the paparazzi made a racket outside and you lay there torturing yourself, wondering what to do with all that unneeded cash. Before, you might have had to do a lot of research to get info on how your favorite celebs “give back.” How fortunate that now there’s one place, Look to the Stars, that lists the charitable habits of almost 3,000 celebrities.


One more way your plane flights are killing everybody

Remember when cars used to give off disgusting clouds of lead-laden smoke? Planes still do that. Some of them do, at least — in particular, those nasty little planes that rich people fly because car traffic is for suckers. According to Scientific American, smaller planes now produce HALF of all the lead pollution in the air. As might be expected, this pollution wreaks havoc on the health of anyone exposed to it. SciAm writes: Some of the health effects of repeated exposure to lead include damage to the central nervous system, kidneys and red blood cells, and decreased function in …

Climate & Energy

Short awesome video explains why oil companies suck to people who already know

This nifty/depressing video explains how yes, technically, there’s more oil, but the financial and environmental costs of reaching it make it so that it really might as well not exist.

Climate & Energy

Drought is ruining people’s ability to throw cow dung at things

When it’s really hot and dry out, cows stay near the barn. When cows stay near the barn, they do not poop in open fields. When cows don’t poop in open fields, those fields don’t get full of dried-out manure chips. When the fields don’t get full of dried-out manure chips, people have nothing to throw at cow-chip-throwing contests. And that, my friend, is a tragedy. The Wisconsin State Cow Chip Throw and Festival is set to have 300 chip-throwing competitors this year, but organizers have only collected 200 to 300 chips, a third of the usual amount. That means they’re …


Alicia Silverstone thinks the true injustice is that Pussy Riot isn’t getting vegan cuisine

It’s, like, so totally uncool that Russian punksters Pussy Riot are in jail for singing a song that suggested that their president, scary asshole Vladimir Putin, is a scary asshole. And if this uncoolness were a vegan terrine, actress/vegan activist Alicia Silverstone would like to point out that the thickest layer, the layer that’s maybe composed of one of those cheeses made out of nut milk, is the part where Pussy Riot’s vegan member is not getting vegan cuisine in jail. 

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