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Climate & Energy

Squirrel population explosion: Less cute than it sounds

Because it was so warm last winter, there are now tons of squirrels around. And they're hungry.

Business & Technology

Electric bike technology is making wheelchairs more badass

Electric bikes: not just good for the environment, also good for humanity.

Here’s Bob Ross feeding a baby squirrel with a bottle

It's a video of "happy little trees" painter Bob Ross feeding a squirrel from a bottle. There's really just nothing else to say about this.


For only $10,000, you could have a jug of 1992 McJordan BBQ sauce

It's named after Michael Jordan, like everything else in the 1990s.

Here’s why you should never stick your head out of a train window

We get it: Trains are cool, and wind in your hair is cool, and you like to put cool things on Instagram. But this video of a girl sticking her head out a train window …

London’s proposed commuter canal would let you swim to work

Two architects have proposed an 8-mile swimming/skating lane in London. It's probably not going to happen. But it should, and it makes us think every city should just do something crazy and beautiful like this.

Nature-loving kid aims to be photographed with every type of animal on Earth

In the last 11 years, Tallon Nightwalker has been photographed with more than 840 animals, live and up close. But he’s still got more than 25,000 to go to reach his goal, because Tallon is …

This 30,000-square-foot building is made out of beer bottles

The Morrow Royal Pavilion looks like some kind of palace, but it's made of crushed beer bottles mixed with fly ash.

This urn uses your ashes to grow a tree to (sort of) take your place

A French designer has created something called the Poetree, so that your loved one can plant a tree in your ashes and you can live on forever. You'll be living on forever as a tree, …