Grist List

How we can slow global warming by smashing up an asteroid

Do not worry about global warming. Seriously. We are going to explode asteroids, and then, we're going to hide behind them, and it's going to be GREAT.

Black spidery thingies on Mars will probably kill us all

Every once in awhile, a bit of science crosses your path, and you think, yes, this is how we're all going to die.

This winter’s snowstorms will have names like Draco, Q, and Khan

The Weather Channel wants to name winter storms things like "Gandolf." That's Gandolf with an O, got it? It has NOTHING TO DO with Tolkein.

Watch an octopus take apart a camera while punching a shark

To researchers, this baited camera is equipment for monitoring underwater ecosystems. To an octopus, it's just a complicated lunchbox.


Bhutan wants to be the world’s first 100 percent organic country

To be fair, the country's already most of the way there.

Meet the lake so polluted that spending an hour there would kill you

Thanks to a secret government nuclear facility, Lake Karachay may be the most polluted spot on the planet.

Thanks to climate change, Texas is up to its ears in dead crickets

Texas is having a very big problems with crickets and it's not just that the crickets are really gross, it's that when they die, they smell really bad.

Now you can get text messages from a cow’s vagina

It's getting harder to tell when dairy cows are in heat. But never fear, farmers! Now their genitals can text you.

For you hipster entomologists, here’s a caterpillar that looks just like bacon

Supposedly this weird living bacon is actually a moth caterpillar. Made of bacon.