Grist List

Polar bears are dying of zebra herpes

There’s a well-known doctor saying: “When you hear hoofbeats in Central Park, don’t expect zebras.” The idea is that the symptoms you’re looking at probably don’t indicate a super-rare disease, even if you Googled them and Dr. Internet told you that you definitely have pernicious porphyria or whatever. But apparently that’s off the table for polar bears. If you’re a polar bear and you have a weird disease, go ahead and suspect zebras, because you’ve probably acquired zebra herpes. At least, that was the case in Wuppertal Zoo in Germany, where two captive polar bears started having seizures in 2010.


This Auto-Tuned tribute to Five Guys will make you want a fast food burger

Of course, you only eat organic CSA vegetables, beef you’ve been introduced to by name, and pork hand-reared by a little girl named Fern. But if you want to make a small anthropological study of how people who enjoy chain-restaurant burgers feel about perfectly cooked fries and bacon, well … here, for your enjoyment, is a pure distillation of fast food bliss. With Auto-Tune!


Freaky food sculptures will make you think twice about lunch meat

Artist Dmitry Tsykalov does some freaky things with meat. If you’re unlucky, his anatomical sculptures will make you feel pretty weird about eating things like lunch meat, shrimp, hot dogs, or spaghetti and meat balls. If you’re lucky, they’ll just make you feel weird about eating heads and feet. Lest you think you’ll be safe sticking to fruits and vegetables, let me assure you that Tsykalov has made those creepy too.