Grist List

School cook in Sweden told to make her food less delicious

When you were growing up and you ate your school lunch of disgusting gristle-filled burgers and rubbery pizza and creamed chipped beef, did you ever think that one day there might be a school somewhere …

Texas city moves 100-year-old tree rather than cut it down

When road construction threatened this 100-year-old, 260-ton oak, League City, Texas stepped up and moved it.

Two Australians will be given a home and bathrobes and forced to get everything else secondhand

Two random people are being told to buy nothing new for a week. We think they'll live, but they might end up in ugly T-shirts and mom jeans.


Genius signs in London subway say what everyone’s thinking

Everyone knows there are unspoken rules about using public spaces, especially public spaces like subways where too many human beings are crammed together and touching each other.

Business & Technology

Watch live as a guy freefalls from space

Felix Baumgartner is jumping out of a balloon in the stratosphere, and skydiving all the way to Earth.

Brain-eating parasite has killed at least 10 in Pakistan

Remember when we warned you about the parasite Naegleria fowleri, which causes primary amebic meningoencephalitis (in short, eats your brain)? And you were probably all “oh, brain-eating microorganisms, picture from Shaun of the Dead … …


This poor guy got a $1,555 ticket for biking in New York City

The bicyclist is lucky the cop caught him. If he'd run any more lights he'd probably owe his firstborn to the NYPD.

These cool public benches are made out of cars and propane tanks

Artist Colin Selig makes benches for municipal buildings and parks — and, of course, for rich people’s private courtyards, because a guy’s gotta eat — out of recycled propane tanks and car parts. The bench …


Brewmaster makes beer out of yeast harvested from his beard

A brewmaster in Oregon discovers that the yeast in his beard is no different from other yeast. Then he decides to use it to make beer. Then he gives it a gross name? Sadly, if …