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Climate & Energy

Climate change is going to shrink fish

Instead of “one fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish,” we will now have “three-quarters fish and 1.5 fish, red fish, blue fish,” which just doesn't have the same ring to it.

A tiny dumpster for your desk made out of recycled materials

Tiny dumpsters. For your desk. Or for neat storage of lots of stuff. Like magazines, and pens, and the scrolled-up, wax-sealed account of your first experience holding the tiny dumpster.


Barclays Center: Ugly, an insult to Brooklyn, and already leaking

The Barclays Center is an eyesore and didn't deliver the union jobs it promised. But luckily, it's apparently on track to fall down!


Campfire-scented beard cologne lets you pretend you’ve been outside

There are these sticks you can rub in your beard so you smell like you've been camping, which seems like more fun than camping, except that people with beards love camping, so why would they …

Climate & Energy

Freaky picture of a super typhoon headed for Japan

Watch out, Japan, the Eye of Sauron is coming for you!

How to make the opera more interesting: Eat algae the singer grew on her face

An opera singer sings and her exhaled breath makes algae grow and the audience eats it to experience the magic of biotechnology and the non-magic of super disgustingness.


These are by far the coolest shoes for animal lovers we’ve ever seen

How could we not love these animal-themed shoes, featuring favorite Grist List creatures like orcas, sharks, and elephants (plus non-animal Grist List faves like coffee and butts)? Well, I suppose we could not love them because they …


The drought is so bad that the British have to eat ugly vegetables

"Knobbly carrots, wonky spuds, bent courgettes and discoloured cauliflowers" are all on the table.


Homeland Security breaks up cheese-smuggling ring

Cheese is expensive in Canada. Really expensive.