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Former Twitter CEO’s dream home is SF neighborhood nightmare

Evan Williams wants to build a net zero energy home in a historic San Francisco neighborhood. Who could possibly object to an internet entrepreneur using his hard-earned cash to build an eco-friendly house?


Now you can buy organic air in a can

I’m pretty strongly against most of the ideas in Mel Brooks movies becoming reality, but this one seems like a winner: canned air from cities like New York, Paris, Berlin, and Singapore. Photographer Kirill Rudenko makes them, and they’re available in his Etsy shop for people who are nostalgic for their city’s smells, or who just worry that their planet will run out of air.

The baby beluga who inspired ‘Baby Beluga’ has died at the age of 46

Parents and nursery school teachers singing the beloved children’s song “Baby Beluga” by Raffi (a.k.a. Raffi Cavoukian) will have to wipe away a tear today after the final chorus: Kavna, the whale who inspired the song, died of cancer Monday at the Vancouver Aquarium at the age of 46. In other news, you are old. Update: Raffi is now saying that the song wasn’t “about” Kavna, simply “inspired by” her. This seems like a pretty academic distinction but okay?

Watch a guy pull off a sting operation to smack down a bike thief

A Portland man who is not named Simon Jackson identified his stolen bike when the thief put it up for sale on Seattle Craigslist. So he wrote an email offering to buy the bike, and traveled to Seattle with backup and cameras. When the thief showed up to sell him his bike back, “Simon” confronted him and chased him down.

Climate & Energy

In the Yukon, climate change is making buildings fall down

Dawson City is so cold that the average temperature is below freezing, which means the ground is frozen solid all year. At least, it used to be.

Business & Technology

Electric DeLorean could get you back to a slightly less grim future

When we think about how we’re going to save the environment from the ravages of fossil fuels, our first thought is not generally “with gull-wing doors.” Well, luckily not everyone thinks inside the box, and this is why Stephen Wynne, the British mechanic who bought the entire DeLorean inventory, is going to revive the DeLorean DMC-12 as an electric car.

This kangaroo escape caper is ‘Dr. Doolittle’ meets ‘The Italian Job’

If you were a kangaroo in a zoo in Germany, would you say to yourself, “OK, well, I guess I’m never going to see Australia again, but hey, at least I like the smell of bratwurst”? Or would you say, “I bet it’s just a matter of time until the fox over there digs a hole in the bottom of this fence, and then that wild boar, well, he’s bound to get himself through that exterior wall at some point, and then it’s hello, 10:15 non-stop to Sydney!” Over the past weekend, three kangaroos at the Hochwildschutzpark Hunsrück near Frankfurt …


Paris is building a crazy-looking indoor banana farm

Man, Parisians are so grabby. They already have the Eiffel Tower, Kristin Scott Thomas, and Grey Poupon, and now they’re going to have locally grown bananas too? Parisians at the the Agricultural Urbanism Lab are hard at work (if you can call a life with six weeks of paid vacation work) on a miniature vertical banana farm that will also function as an indoor park.

Seriously, what the hell is this thing

io9 is asking for help on behalf of a reader who found a horrible tentacle-thing on the ground in Stockholm, Sweden. He wants help identifying it, presumably so that when he gets devoured his next-of-kin knows where to search for its lair. I’m gonna go with “the unholy offspring of a sea urchin, an Elder God, a Koosh ball, and a carrot.”

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