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The moon is toxic to humans

Hope you didn’t just think we could move up and colonize the moon once we permanently screw up Earth. New research suggests that Ernie was right all along: The moon might be a nice place to visit, but living there might actually kill you. There’s a good chance that moon dust is toxic to humans.


Slightly insulting posters beat the hell out of those ‘I Heart [City]‘ shirts

What is love if not the right to gently poke fun at the object of your affection, be it a boyfriend, relative, or cherished city neighborhood? It’s clear that Jeni Brendemuehl, Lauren Schroer, and RC Jones have a great fondness for Chicago. They just choose to express that love with Slightly Insulting Chicago Posters like this one: RedEye Chicago’s Leonor Vivanco relates:


Eating this burger automatically makes you a dick

The 666 Burger truck sells a $666 burger called the Doucheburger, and it's full -- appropriately -- of things you will only eat if you're a douche.


Here’s what to buy so you can stop living in self-denial

Trying to reduce a building’s energy footprint is so dang hard, especially when it involves leaving pee in the toilet, sweating through hot days, and nagging your significant other to please turn off the goddamn lights when leaving the house. And while some people might want to live like that, most people don’t. Normally we don’t advocate buying more stuff, but if you buy the right stuff, you can live in energy-efficient bliss without suffering like a cloistered monk. Here is a handy guide:


Win a bike by channeling famous authors

Rule No. 1 of Grist List: Never pass up an opportunity to win a free bike. Especially if the opportunity involves the chance to channel P.G. Wodehouse. The Paris Review (TPR), a venerable lit magazine not particularly concerned with green living but very concerned with style and general braininess, is offering up this snazzy Beater Bicycles Roadster to one lucky and literary-minded reader. To win this beaut, TPR asks its clever readers to describe the picture above. There’s a 300 word max and a catch:


The 20 best names of rocks on Mars

Guys, did you know that rocks on Mars have amazing names? (I found out through a link in this story.) You might think this is not really related to sustainable living on Earth, but a) shut up and b) if we totally bone the planet, we’re going to have to move SOMEWHERE. Mars is one of the closest options, so we might as well start learning the neighbors’ names. Here, in no particular order, are our 20 favorites.

Climate & Energy

Brazilian inmates can reduce their sentence by providing human-powered electricity

Brazil is pioneering a new sort of jailhouse workout, in which inmates ride bikes instead of pumping iron. The bikes, unlike weightlifting or prison-yard basketball, help power a nearby town.


New York City shuts down home-brewed community park

The lot at Woodhull and Columbia Streets had sat vacant for 35 years. Around the corner, in Brooklyn’s Carroll Gardens, the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel pours into the Gowanus Expressway. The lot was a mess, a trash bin for the remnants of drug use and a home for rats. Lou Formisano decided to do something about it: He spent his own money to clean up the place, spread it with sod, and install patio furniture and a sprinkler, Patch reports. Two weeks later, the city kicked him out.


These dreamlike landscapes are made out of food

When artist Eszter Burghardt went hiking in Iceland, the geology there reminded her of cake — so she decided to reproduce it using food. The picture above isn’t a tilt-shifted photo of mountains. It’s a picture of a cake Burghardt baked, colored blueish-brown, then brushed with matcha tea powder. (The clouds are wool.) The result is a sort of combination of a bug’s-eye view of food, and an ethereal fantasy landscape.

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