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Grist List: Look what we found.


How to cut carbon emissions: Get rid of middle-aged people

Don't trust anyone over 30 (or under 70) when it comes to carbon emissions. According to data from the Max Planck Institute, your individual emissions rise steeply from birth through the early 20s, then keep rising a little less sharply for the next 40 years. Your carbon footprint doesn't peak until after age 60, at which point you may be responsible for 16,500 tons of CO2 per year. Conclusion: Baby Boomers ruin everything. 

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Watch a jaw-dropping northern lights display

Here's the upside to a massive solar storm: Absolutely astonishing aurora borealis.

Christian Mülhauser shot this film in Norway at the height of January's solar storm, and it is spectacular.

Below, some screenshots, because I'm obsessed with this video.

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How to make meat underwear

Do you have a surplus of humanely raised meat from your DIY slaughter? Alternately, have you been trying to go vegetarian but can't quite shake the cravings? Either way, these instructions on making your own beef jerky briefs have you covered. Barely covered.

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Critical List: Australia floods break records; industrial agriculture is booming

Floods in Australia are rising to record levels. We told you Australia is screwed.

Guys. GUYS! Mitt Romney also gave out renewable energy loans as governor of Massachusetts OMG WTF SOLYNDRA BRAIN EXPLODES.

San Francisco is working to integrate electric bicycles into its car share service.

Russian scientists have drilled a hole through two miles of ice to reach Antarctica's largest subglacial lake.

Why are so many dolphins being found stranded on Cape Cod?

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The Gulf of Mexico’s seven-year oil spill

Whatever, BP; Taylor Energy Company was spilling oil in the Gulf of Mexico way before it went mainstream. A broken Taylor wellhead has been leaking as much as 4,000 gallons a day into the Gulf for the last seven years, according to a lawsuit filed by water conservation groups Apalachicola Riverkeeper and Waterkeepers Alliance.

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Here’s what the night sky ought to look like (i.e. AMAZING)

Here's your nature porn for the day: a long exposure of the night sky over the aptly named Very Large Telescope array in Chile.

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Solar panels made out of grass clippings

An MIT scientist has developed a quick and dirty way to harness solar power using "anything green, even grass clippings." So basically, solar panels made out of yard waste.

This technology is way, way, way, way below the efficiency of commercial solar panels: It converts 0.1 percent of solar energy into power. Commercial solar panels clock in around 10 to 15 percent; the most advanced lab models are pushing even higher.

But the simplicity of the design makes up for that shortcoming.


Tar-sands development pushes Canada to poison wolves

In Canada, caribou herds are declining, in part, environmental groups say, because of tar-sands development. The Canadian government's response? Kill the wolves.

The country's plan, which involves poison bait and Sarah Palin's favorite sport -- shooting wolves from planes -- is meant "to balance what civilization has developed," in the words of Peter Kent, Canada's Minister of Environment. If human development is killing off caribou by destroying their habitat, the thinking goes, there need to be fewer wolves to eat the remaining ones.

The poison bait is a particularly gruesome and archaic weapon.

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Puerto Rico to U.S.: ‘Please eat these iguanas’

Looks delicious! (Photo by Angela Rutherford.)

Puerto Rico needs to get rid of 4 MILLION invasive iguanas, some of which can grow to be six feet long. Short of passing a law requiring every man, woman, and child on the island to eat one iguana, what do you do about that volume of unwanted critters? Well, Puerto Rico is taking what's probably the most lucrative option: Rounding them up, slaughtering them, and exporting the meat to the U.S.

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Here are car ads for you to yell about

Bad news, consumers of sports culture: Marketers are going to assume you also love car culture (and sexism culture) basically until the world explodes and everyone is dead except Chevy owners and their dogs. But at least you can rant about it! To fuel today's Twitter ire, here are some of the most irritating -- from a "car ubiquity" perspective -- spots from last night's Super Bowl.