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‘Gasland’ director arrested for filming in Congress

This is probably not the way for the U.S. to regain our recent huge losses on the Press Freedom Index. Josh Fox, director of the Oscar-nominated (and Emmy-winning) documentary Gasland, was arrested this morning for trying …


Inside New York City’s defunct quarantine hospital

Photographer Ian Ference had to get special dispensation from the New York City parks department to visit North Brother Island, the site of a forced-quarantine hospital that closed down 50 years ago. The island, right …

Factory Farms

Chicken farm crates are basically never cleaned

If a bite of food falls on the ground, often we pick it up and eat it. Five second rule, right? But if it falls in something gross or we haven’t cleaned the floor in …

Clean Air

Julianne Moore wants clean air for kids

Did you guys know Julianne Moore wrote a children’s book? This is apparently the thing celebrities do when they’re over 25 (under 25, they start a perfume line). It’s about the heartbreak of being a …


Did NYPD falsify account of cyclist’s death?

In October of 2011, a truck hit and killed artist Mathieu Lefevre while he was biking in Brooklyn. Since then, Lefevre’s family and their lawyers have been trying to find out what exactly happened that …

Critical List: Connecting climate change to the Texas heat wave; ditching plastic straws

Climate scientist James Hansen says he can prove that climate change caused the Texas heat wave. Maine fishermen caught more lobster last year than ever before. Wave and tidal energy could provide enough electricity to …


Kristen Bell loses her mind over a sloth

OK, real talk for a second? This is almost certainly how I would react if a sloth came to my birthday party:

Business & Technology

Russians could not be more psyched about ice-free Arctic

The former empire is hoping to bring back its glory days by reviving a Soviet-era shipping route along its Arctic coast.


Maine to create car-free town with ‘really narrow streets’

Residents of the yet-to-be-built town of Piscataquis Village, Maine will keep cars from overrunning their town by making their streets too narrow to shove any but the cutest vehicles down them, reports Market Urbanism.

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