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Business & Technology

This app may help you save gas by driving more efficiently

Most people know that it’s possible to save tons of gas and money by driving more efficiently, and most people completely ignore this and just tear-ass around at whatever speed won’t get them maximally arrested. …

Climate Skeptics

WSJ will publish literally anything, as long as it disputes global warming

Ready for a little peek behind the editorial decision-making curtain at the Wall Street Journal? On Friday, the paper published an op-ed disputing anthropogenic global warming, on the strength of its being signed by 16 …


Red color in Texas river turns out to be pig blood

Apologies for starting off y’all’s Monday mornings on the grossest note possible, but this story was too appalling not to share. In Texas, near Dallas, an amateur drone pilot snapped a pic of a suspiciously …

Critical List: Republicans still pushing Keystone; Yosemite to limit Half Dome hikes

House Republicans just can’t let go of the Keystone XL pipeline. Speaker Boehner now says it could be part of a bill expanding domestic energy production. The value of renewable energy deals grew by two-fifths …

Energy Policy

State Dept. official overstates Keystone jobs by a factor of 10

The State Department wants to set the record straight: When they said the Keystone XL pipeline would create 35,000 jobs, they were entirely correct, in some kind of number system where 100 equals 1,000. Otherwise, …


High school culinary students eat their own classroom pets

Students in the culinary program at Jasper Place High School in Edmonton, Canada (yes, Canada apparently has culinary programs in high school) probably think farm-to-table restaurants are a pretty cute idea. Oh, you have a …


1,000-pound butter sculpture will power farm for three days

Like deep-fried cake on a stick (or regional variants), butter sculpture is a staple of state fair tradition that will never go away even if it’s unnecessary and kinda gross. But at least the Pennsylvania …

Climate Change

‘Winter Jam Canceled Due to Lack of Winter’

The New York City parks department’s annual Winter Jam in Prospect Park has been nixed due to unseasonably warm temperatures — it’s kind of hard to have winter sports demonstrations when you don’t have any …

Business & Technology

Renewables nearly competitive with fossil fuels, even without subsidies

In 2010, investors and governments poured $187 billion into renewables and just $157 billion into natural gas, oil and coal.

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