Grist List

Climate & Energy

The Onion suggests we figure out pretty fast who we need to kill

The Onion reports that scientists have figured out the definitive solution to overpopulation, resource depletion, and environmental carnage: We just need to kill off a …

Critical List: Finding a town to host nuclear waste; 3-D Amazon map

Now that the Yucca Mountain nuclear waste storage plan has been scrapped, a nuclear commission needs to find a town that wants to host the …

Election 2012

Newt Gingrich wants to colonize the moon

Newt Gingrich is gunning to become our first nerd president, and obviously a nerd president’s first order of business is securing voting rights for the …

Climate Skeptics

Study explains why it’s useless to argue with climate deniers

Apparently the logic is something like "It's not about whether my theory is right but what they are telling us is definitely wrong."

Green Cars

Sporty little MIT ‘city car’ is cute as an animal-themed butt plug

MIT’s 1,609-pound, all-electric wheeled pod thingy is actually going to be produced and sold, so we thought it could use a marketing campaign. Also, the …


Oklahoma makes bold move to not eat human fetuses

Apparently the new hotness among Republicans is legislating against things that don't exist.


Study: News coverage of Keystone XL slanted toward pipeline proponents

During the debate so far over Keystone XL, the media have favored pipeline proponents, according to a new study from Media Matters. Broadcast, cable, and …

Critical List: Big trees suffer more from deforestation; Japan’s version of Al Gore

Deforestation is disproportionately killing off the world’s largest trees. Rep. Henry Waxman (D-Calif., a.k.a. the Mustache of Justice) wants to subpoena Koch Industries executives to …

Climate Policy

Republicans cockblock NOAA appointment because of an oil-drilling snit

You’d think that the main criterion for being named the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association’s chief scientist would be that you are a scientist. (Lesser …