Q. Dear Umbra,

I live in California, where we are in a severe drought. My roommate sometimes takes three showers in 24 hours. No, he does not work out; no, he does not do physical labor; no, he does not even go outside that much. He’s a musician whose max exertion in a day (besides the energy it takes to shower THREE TIMES) is strumming his guitar. As someone who limits showering to every few days, and even then keeps it to 10 minutes or less, what is my responsibility to berate him? He does not take criticism well and is not super down with having his “lifestyle” critiqued. I know this from having arguments over how much he cranked the heater this winter. Is there some magical way I can lightly and respectfully let him know how bad and unnecessary his habits are? Some literature I can delicately send him? Help!

Oakland, Calif.