Vegan Schmegan

Can a lifelong meat-lover go vegan and not go crazy? We’re gonna find out!

We're kicking off a 30-day experiment in veganism -- follow along!

The shaming economy

Uber momentarily flew drones over Mexico City to shame the city’s drivers.

Uber chastised Mexico City commuters for driving alone to promote its carpooling service, UberPOOL.

every plow and then

Sharing tractors? There’s an app for that.

Trringo aims to make expensive equipment accessible to farmers in the Indian countryside.

jill who? gary what?

John Oliver just skewered ALL the presidential candidates.

The Last Week Tonight host points out the issues with Jill Stein's and Gary Johnson's proposals.

Pull the plug

Should I keep my laptop plugged in while I use it?

A reader wants to know how best to preserve his computer's battery. Advice columnist Umbra Fisk charges in with answers.

Spinning a good yarn

Is synthetic yarn for the birds?

A knitter wonders if it's OK to put acrylic yarn scraps outside for birds to make nests with. Umbra Fisk swoops in with an answer.

Hot art

Sometimes you have to melt some ice to make a point.

Art collective Futures North turned pre-industrial ice harvesting techniques and 21st-century computer modeling into a physical model of climate change.

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This week wore us out, too — here’s what we’re reading to get away from it.

Got election season anxiety? Our weekly reading recs will help you decompress.

eats shoots and leaves

This YouTube survivalist can teach you to skin deer and cook rat

Shawn Woods hunts his own meat -- but he doesn't use a gun.