Portland ghosts a somber reminder not to text and drive

If ghost bikes can't get the attention of careless drivers, maybe these ghost people will.


We have a great Thanksgiving dinner conversation topic for you: Birth control!

Reproductive rights are still a mess in the U.S., but we have a lot to be thankful for.


Spoof captures how advertisers approach millennials and consumerism

This ad makes fun of throw-away culture with a fake water bottle brand called "Once."

Climate warning labels are coming to gas pumps in one Canadian city

North Vancouver has come up with a way to make gasoline buyers feel super guilty.


Hotel chain bans bacon and sausage from breakfast menu

If you're a bacon freak, you might want to avoid the Comfort Hotels in Scandinavia.


Check out Hamburg’s 2 new climate-friendly neighborhoods

The fast-growing German city has a shortage of housing, so it's turning old shipping areas into new green developments.

Business & Technology

This company made a jacket out of microbe-made spider silk

But that could be just the beginning for this sustainable wonder material.


Hold on to your lacerations: We’re heading towards a terrifying, post-antibiotics world

There's bad news out of China on a last-resort antibiotic.

Business & Technology

BP could claim a massive tax write-off from Deepwater oil spill penalties

If the DOJ doesn't act, the oil giant could see a $5 billion windfall.