Climate & Energy

Climate activists arrested while protesting offshore drilling

As Obama toured the flooding damage in Louisiana, activists called out "climate injustice" in New Orleans.

coke zero, berkeley 1

Soda tax might be working better than expected

Berkeley residents are drinking about two fewer sugary drinks per week since the tax started, according to a new study.


Stop a selfie, save a life: Words of advice for the modern wilderness tourist

A little park safety awareness wouldn't kill you.


The nearest national park could be just a city block away

The folks with trees, mountains, and bison on their badges have decided it’s high time to serve city dwellers.


Our era’s iconic national park is hidden in New York City

Jamaica Bay is an imperiled swamp nestled next to the biggest city in America -- and it has a lot to teach us.


Texas, keystone of the pro-life movement, sure is seeing a lot of maternal deaths

A new study shows Texas' maternal mortality rate doubling between 2010 and 2014, which the authors deem "highly unusual."

Bubble jeopardy

Is my sparkling-water maker terrible for the environment?

Advice columnist Umbra Fisk dives into the world of seltzer and fizzy drinks.


What happens to Rio’s stadiums after the Olympics end?

Rio has ambitious plans for repurposing its shiny new Olympic infrastructure -- but will they carry through?

northhwest passage

With a lot of money and time on your hands, you too can disturb the Arctic for fun

Cruise ships begin the Arctic voyage.