By the Yard

Spring is here! What should I do with the brush I clear?

Advice maven Umbra Fisk digs up some suggestions for a homeowner wondering how to clear his yard with a clear conscience.

Climate & Energy

How to convince the climate slacker to get serious

This is the best advice we’ve seen yet on how to talk to people about climate change.

Climate & Energy

India’s worst drought in 50 years is shutting down farms, hospitals, and schools

The number of people currently affected by drought in India is greater than the entire U.S. population.

Climate & Energy

Could a giant umbrella made of tiny robots save us from climate chaos?

One scientist is pushing this geoengineering idea.


The story behind Prince’s low-profile generosity to green causes

Environmental justice activist Van Jones helped the musician give to good causes anonymously.


The bison is back and better than ever

Our new national mammal has arrived and she's fabulous.


Captain Kirk: Climate change is the biggest threat to Earth

According to William Shatner, “the future is filled with dread."

Business & Technology

You’re more likely to see an oil industry ad than a climate report on CNN

The network recently aired nearly five times more fossil fuel ads than climate coverage.

Hot Water

How can I tell my roommate he takes too many showers?

A reader in California wants to berate his roommate over water usage, but advice maven Umbra Fisk says cooler heads should prevail.