Caught Out Here

Wisconsin’s Department of Natural Resources is now pretending not to know about climate change.

They even decapitalized “Earth,” which is just rude.

guest post

Germany’s clean energy revolution meets the “Trump effect”

With the rise of the far right, transitioning away from coal may prove difficult.

keep it down

Fracking causes noise pollution that could be harmful to your health.

Yep, there's another thing to worry about.

Clean on me

What’s the most eco-friendly dishwasher cycle?

Advice columnist Umbra Fisk tells you how to green up your kitchen cleanup.

guilty of hamburglary

The vegan meat market really beefed up in 2016.

It was the year of burgers that convincingly reproduce meat’s flavor compounds.

From the Editor

The Grist holiday letter

What a year we had!

Quaff the beaten track

What’s the greenest kind of drink container?

Glass bottles, plastic bottles, or aluminum cans? Advice columnist Umbra Fisk pours forth wisdom.

truth hurts

Fake news is old news to climate scientists

It’s not a recent trend, says climatologist Michael Mann, but it is a deeply dangerous one.

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