Feline Groovy

How green is your cat’s food?

What's really in cat food? A vegan pet owner wants to know, and Umbra has the purr-fect answer.


Mennonites are farming in a Mexican desert and it’s not going well

What could drive a pacifist faith to fight? Well, have you seen Mad Max?


Michael Pollan’s food advice hits the big screen

A new documentary brings "In Defense of Food" to cinematic life.


Israeli military offers a death-free experience — for soldiers’ diets, at least

Veganism is on the rise in Israel, and the military is taking note.

Climate & Energy

Florida to rebuild jail on land prone to flooding. Climate change will only make things worse

Despite rising sea levels, massive floods, and a previous explosion, Florida decided not to relocate the jail.


U.S. public transportation sucks, and this is why

Ever spent 45 minutes waiting for a delayed bus? Watch our video to find out why -- and how to make that bus work better.

Climate & Energy

This climate denier just can’t wait to debut his “documentary” in Paris

Marc Morano, who's made a career out of spreading climate misinformation, has a new film, "Climate Hustle." Check out this trailer.


Breast implants could be used to study pollution in the human body

By utilizing discarded breast implants, scientists could have a better understanding of how our bodies absorb toxins.

Groaning Board

How can I avoid wasting food over the holidays?

A father with too much Halloween candy on his hands inspires Umbra to dish up advice for enjoying the holidays -- without being a pig.