The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers tells Standing Rock water protectors to move on.

Demonstrators were told last week to be out by the 5th of December.

support groups

Environmental organizations see an outpouring of support post-election

"Apparently the sixth stage of grief is activism.”

Coral fixation

Is it bad to buy coral products?

Advice columnist Umbra Fisk dives deep to find answers.

I'm cuckoo for coconuts

Are coconut products bad for the environment?

Advice columnist Umbra Fisk takes a hard look at coconut oil, water, milk, and sugar.

Nice Try

Donald Trump may have an “open mind” on climate change now, but he’ll still strip NASA of funding.

Don't listen to how Donald Trump feels about climate change today -- listen to what he's going to do for climate research.

Dark Days

REI and Patagonia are making Black Friday slightly less awful.

These are good ideas -- but also astute marketing.

Avoidance Can Be OK

Here’s what to watch while you’re hiding from your family.

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we need to talk

This weekend, you might be buying some things. Here’s how to do it.

Or maybe just go for a walk instead! Free idea.

Greening faith

For Muslim environmentalists, the fight just got a lot harder

Looking ahead to four years of Trump, Muslims double down to fight climate change and Islamophobia.