Nary a Drop to Drink

When I travel, is bottled water the best option?

A reader getting ready to live abroad wonders how to find potable water. Advice maven Umbra Fisk says the power is in his hands.

shock & thaw

Is this giant chasm in Siberia a portal to the underworld? You decide!

The "door to the underworld" is what happens when permafrost in Siberia thaws dramatically.


Fight over Grand Canyon pits Native Americans against John McCain

What’s the Grand Old Party got against the Grand Canyon?


Fancy streetlights save a lot of energy but steal your sleep

LED streetlights sound like a great idea. But there's a hitch.

emission control

That massive methane leak in L.A. was visible from space

You can't sneak a gas leak past NASA.

Climate & Energy

Norway talks a big game, promises to go carbon neutral by 2030

Right now, it’s just talk.


Watch a band make music out of wheelbarrows and backyard grills

Presenting an exclusive clip from our Pickathon on the Farm series.

Tanks But No Tanks

Is there a non-toxic way to get rid of hard water stains?

A British reader wonders how to get ride of limescale in her loo. Once advice maven Umbra Fisk figures out what that means, she drops a load of advice.

Climate & Energy

Greenland was hotter than New York City last week

Ice is melting so fast that scientists double checked their instruments were working.