Sandra Bullock loves her backyard chickens

As a 12-year-old, Bullock gave her chicken a ride on her bike's handlebars. Adorbs.

Everybody wants condom vending machines

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America’s kids eating healthier, getting fitter

The sweet news from a new study is that children are exercising more, watching TV less, and eating more healthful foods than they used to.

New species of snail looks like really unappetizing candy

Scientists have found a new species of cave-dwelling snail in a cave in Croatia.

Gourmet restaurants are making gourmet chickens by feeding them gourmet leftovers

The gourmet food company D'Artagnan has come up with an ingenious (or creepy) plan for recycling kitchen scraps from high-end restaurants.

Sketchy food policy: Exploring our broken food system in cartoons

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LEGO-like modular phones mean you never have to throw away an obsolete phone again

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