Canadian crooks are illegally dumping squirrels

Ottawans are rounding up squirrels and sneaking them into Quebec, the squirrel toilet of Canada.


Get ready to feel disappointed by any drink not brought to you by a trained otter

Tsukumi Dolphin Island, a Sea World-type park in Japan, employs an otter to fetch patrons juice from a vending machine.


Woody Harrelson wants your paper to be less, well, woody

The actor and green activist talks about his non-traditional political views, Hollywood’s influence on environmental issues, and making non-wood paper.


Here’s a guy running up a lava flow — and here’s why he still has legs

It's possible, though inadvisable, to run up a lava flow and emerge with your limbs intact. Someone tell those kids pretending the floor is lava that it's safe to get off the couch!


Biking basics for folks who’ve always wanted to ride, but didn’t dare [VIDEO]

Looking for a basic bicycling video to ease your motorphobia? Well, we've got good news for you!

Business & Technology

Indianapolis to get nation’s largest EV sharing program

A French company plans to bring 500 electric cars and 1,200 charging stations to Indiana's capital, starting next year.


Check out this theater made almost completely out of recycled paper

Live theater is inherently temporary. A Parisian firm designed an innovative theater to reflect that.


Hug life: Sometimes activists need to retreat, recharge, and embrace the “woo”

Those working for social change face constant uphill struggle. They need recharging. Up in British Columbia, a place called Hollyhock is devoted to that purpose.


Your daily heartwarmer: Airbnb homes used for disaster victims

Next time a hurricane strikes, Airbnb wants to connect displaced residents with locals willing to donate housing. Aww.