Charming animation reminds you to turn out the lights and look at the sky

We love this, which Olivia Huynh made as her senior thesis.


These buses have gardens on their roofs

The prototype buses have been tooling around towns near Barcelona.


This woman feels really, really strongly about rhubarb

What’s going ON? Is she making a really important jam? Is her potassium dangerously low?


Need a distraction? Here’s the baby penguin live cam

Decidedly rock-and-roll pengiun parents Floyd and Roxy gave birth to fuzzy li'l babies you can spy on.


The richer you are, the more you eat fast food! Wait, what?

"Oh yeah, fast food is AWFUL for you," admits 76 percent of Americans -- with a mouthful of fries.


Spin cycle: Copenhagen’s rise, fall, and rise again to cycling supremacy

More than a third of Copenhageners bike to school or work, but it hasn't always been that way -- and city officials say that's not nearly enough.

Climate & Energy

NRA attacks “shadowy network” of enviros and zoos fighting to ban lead bullets

As some states weigh bans on lead-based ammunition -- the biggest source of unregulated lead in the environment -- the NRA fights back with a conspiracy theory.


Shark teeth contain their own natural toothpaste

The outside of a shark's tooth is made of fluoride, the same stuff that gets added to toothpaste, mouthwash, and municipal water systems to improve your dental health.


The best time a federal agent went undercover as a gorilla

Federal officials reported that "apparently the agent was fairly proficient at apelike sound effects" and "it was a very good costume."