Fresh tracks: Chicago’s new ‘sky park’ turns abandoned rails into green spaces

The windy city has two major new parks in the works -- one for people, the other for the birds.

Adorable therapy dogs bring comfort to Boston victims

The same comfort dogs deployed to help in Newtown are traveling to Boston. They are a cute and comforting presence.

car spewing money

You’re forking out $9,000 a year to own your car

Forget the environmental costs of driving a car. The financial costs alone should be enough to shock you into walking, biking, busing, and sharing.

Watch a leopard seal try to make friends with a kayak (or possibly hump it)

He sure loves this kayak. Or loooooooooves this kayak.

This apartment building comes with its own algae-fueled power supply

A new building in Hamburg, Germany, has a facade of panels that will grow microalgae, which will be used to produce biofuel and provide heat.

Stacked recycling bins for small kitchens are so simple, yet so genius

It's a simple idea -- interlocking bins with openings for paper, plastic, and glass. But if you have a small kitchen, it's potentially life-changing.

Meet the woman who shut down Chicago’s dirty coal plants

Kimberly Wasserman wins the prestigious Goldman Environmental Prize for organizing her neighbors in Southwest Chicago to fight the power plants giving them asthma.

Soon enough farmers will just breed chicken with no bones

KFC is not optimistic about the future of chicken with bones in it.

This 3D map makes Tokyo’s subway system look like a crazy roller coaster ride

You needn't bring a barf bag, though. Although they're based in reality, those peaks and valleys don't exactly represent what it feels like to ride on the Tokyo subway.