Amazing new bike helmet reads your mind

It shows green lights when you're calm, red ones when you're stressed or distracted, and blinking ones when OH SHIT THAT TREE

Climate & Energy

Ripple effect: Conserving water is about more than just letting it mellow

Knowing that we'll be facing increasingly frequent droughts, one woman's quest to reduce her own water footprint offers insight into the impending water crisis and how we can fix it.


San Francisco approves micro apartments

San Francisco is changing the city building code to allow for "micro-unit apartments" that boast only 150 square feet of living space.


Why are there more traffic deaths in red states?

A quick look at the data reveals that there is a third factor at play.


Hawaii is overflowing with solar power because it’s obnoxiously perfect

This is why everyone hates Hawaii. Things like this.

Climate & Energy

Protest theater troupe flash-mobs British Petroleum

In response to BP's sponsorship of the Royal Shakespeare Company, activists staged a Bard-inspired protest.


Buy or die: The survivalist approach to climate doom

Stockpile your way to sustainable living! Haha, just kidding.

Climate & Energy

It is better for the environment if birds do not die prematurely

But when they do die, we can usually learn something.


Ask Umbra: Is it safe to roast turkey in a plastic bag?

A reader frets that her future mother-in-law wants to cook the poultry in plastic. Umbra advises her to keep the peas.