What you don’t know about women, climate change, and population [VIDEO]

Here's a population angle you might not have considered before: Family planning can help women adapt to climate change that's already happening.

Urban chicken consultant will help you realize your homesteading dreams

We know you think backyard chickens are hot, because we've been rifling through your trash and we found those back issues of Grit. Now there's a shortcut to realizing your dream of owning little tiny feathered …

Watch cute kids build their own school out of bottles and trash

Especially if you're susceptible to optimistic reggae (I am!), this video of kids helping to build their own school out of bottles and trash ought to make you a little misty.


The numbers behind the numbers: Meet your 7 billion neighbors

Yeah, yeah, you know -- the world population is hitting 7 billion this year. Here are some facts about the world's people that you might not already be familiar with.

Green Living Tips

Meet the Greenie Pig

We join our hero as she strives for eco-enlightenment after a lifetime of just going halfway.

Stop breathing! You’re putting us into debt

Starting next week, everything you eat, breathe, use, and touch will put you further in debt to the planet. Each year, humans consume more resources than the planet can produce, putting us into "ecological debt" to …

7 billion: What to expect when you’re expanding — a special series

The population will hit 7 billion on Halloween, according to the U.N. Who knew those goons with the black helicopters had such a macabre sense of humor?

Here's what we can do with all the tires after the carpocalypse

In the post-peak-oil, post-automotive world, we'll have to do something while we're huddled around our campfires in Bartertown. And we'll need to do something with the parts of our now-useless vehicles. Sure, we'll have to …

Swimming pools don’t have to be insults to the planet

Swimming pools — so awesome and fun, but so not actually good for the environment in any way. But KB Custom Pools, a pool company in Texas, has a sorta-kinda-more-like-a-real-body-of-water alternative. Their Eco-Smart pools match …