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How green are the ‘childless by choice’?

Laura S. Scott has surveyed and interviewed more than 170 people for her Childless by Choice Project.  “I’m keenly interested in the process of decision-making,” she says. “How do we get from assuming parenthood for ourselves to the point where we’re saying, ‘No kids, thank you!’?”  She shares what she’s learned in a new book, Two Is Enough: A Couple’s Guide to Living Childless by Choice, and in a forthcoming documentary. I called Scott to find out whether environmental concerns were a factor for many of the people she spoke with — and we also got to talking about whether …

40 lashes with a wet noodle

Ask Umbra on pasta, Clorox wipes, and a satisfied customer

Send your question to Umbra! Q. Dear Umbra, I am a fairly active, athletic person; that being said, I love my pasta. When I boil the water for my pasta, I run the tap water for about 5–10 seconds until the water becomes very hot, then fill up my pot, and set it on my glass-top stove to boil. The water seems to boil almost instantaneously when I fill it up with hot water, and when I fill it up from the tap right away with cooler water, it takes longer. So, my question is: Is it more wasteful to …

It's a crime shame

Wasteful bandit gets wiped out by police

One area is proving to be fairly immune to the green wave: convenience store robberies. (The Mob, on the other hand, finds green to be a breeze.) Flush with excrement excitement at the prospect of loads o’ moolah, 29 year-old Josh Nelson of Lincoln, Neb., left his reusable ski mask at home and improvised with the disposable: toilet paper. Nelson must have found it more convenient to wrap toilet paper around his face, than, say, find an actual mask. At least he didn’t go for the panty-hose-over-the-face option: nylon is energy-intensive and non-biodegradable. It’s not yet clear if police, upon …

Parking up the wrong tree

10 reasons not to own a car in the city [PHOTOS]

The woes of owning a car run the gamut from pricey maintenance to sitting in traffic, parking tickets to CO2 emissions. And even if you’re not an auto owner, you’ve probably dealt with the hassle of an errant car alarm going off at 2 a.m. or some putz taking up three spaces in your lot when all you want to do is park your Zipcar near your building to unload groceries. Well, some folks put down their swords and pick up pens to voice their road rage anonymously. Have you been the author (or victim) of such a note? Snap …

Happy sunshiney video time

Whether bikers should wait at red lights and more on transportation ethics

Biking around a fascinating city, pondering urban landscapes and human welfare, shaking fists at cabs in a goofy sort of way — what’s not to like? Streetsfilms talks transportation ethics with New York Times Magazine “The Ethicist” writer Randy Cohen while riding around NYC. He unpacks the ethics of riding through red lights and “salmoning” up the wrong way in bike lanes. It’s a fun little jaunt:

Psycho rainforest killer, qu'est-ce que c'est?

Ask Umbra’s Book Club: Time to take action

Dearest readers, Photo: GreenpeaceThanks so much for all your foodie insights this week related to Anna Lappé’s Diet for a Hot Planet (if you missed the live chat with her, catch the replay). One more big question to tackle today. Let’s brainstorm some ideas about how to put the pressure on agribusiness offenders. In the chapter “Beyond the Fork,” Lappé shares this story: “To celebrate Easter this year, Chicago Art Institute senior April Noga headed to her local Dominick’s. Not to buy Peeps or a PAAS egg-dyeing kit, but to ‘sticker’ holiday candy made with palm oil—clandestinely. And Noga was …

backpedaling forward

The kind of traffic we wouldn’t mind more of

Rush hour in Utrecht, Holland, is enviable. But do their racks offer this kind of support? Via Buzzfeed. —————————————————————————————————————————————————– Like what you see? Sign up to receive The Grist List, our email roundup of pun-usual green news just like this, sent out every Friday.

gawking on broken glass

Recycling exhibit helps New Yorkers let go, get smashed

The concept of getting smashed to blow off some steam is nothing new. But New Yorkers will be doing it in a whole new way at the (invite-only) Glassphemy! exhibit coming to Brooklyn. Part art, part recycling, part anger management, this installation is all about letting go (in more ways than one)—and feeling good.Because breaking up is fun to do. How it works: Grab a few beer bottles (donated from local bars) Ascend a 20 foot platform Lob bottles at friends and family (standing behind bulletproof glass) Watch glass shatter and lights flash Feel awesome Recycle (or repurpose) broken glass …

Plugging a plug-in

Library offers plug-in home energy monitors

Courtesy p3international.comSeattle Public Library now lets patrons check out Kill a Watt home energy monitors (retail $31 or so). Check it out, plug it into an outlet, and start learning about your home’s energy use: Library patrons can borrow a device with their library card, just as they would with books, DVD’s, etc. Plug it into an electrical outlet to find out the cost of running refrigerators, computers, TVs and other home appliances. The monitor measures the electric consumption of small to medium household electronic devices and appliances, and can even help discover which appliances drain energy even when they’re …

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