Living la vida vegan: My month of saying good-bye to delicious animals

Grist’s green-living pioneer, the Greenie Pig, has given up all things animal for a whole month. Why? She’s curious. Also a little nuts.

Weird worm that looks like a penis may be an evolutionary missing link

It's not a fossilized dong; it's a significant paleontological discovery. That happens to LOOK like a fossilized dong.

Extreme weather and GMO crops devastate monarch butterfly migration

The monarch butterfly migration to Mexico dropped by 59 percent in two years.

Watch a pine marten turn a soccer game into a Wild Kingdom episode

A pine marten bit a soccer player. We know what a soccer player is, but WTF is a pine marten, other than something that bites them?

This site lets you alert other dumpster divers to the best curbside treasures

You know what we're talking about. The dressers, the couches, the chairs, the books, the records, the lumber -- the stuff that makes you think "I want that! But I'm not going to bother picking it up right now!"

German prince is bringing bison back to Europe

Releasing them into the "wild," in this case, means something pretty specific: the bison will likely hang out on the 30,000 acres that Prince Richard of Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburg controls.

This orphaned dik dik may be the cutest animal we’ve ever encountered

This baby is being raised by a zookeeper after being abandoned by her mother. Good luck feeling satisfied with your life ever again.

We’re just gonna spend all day watching this video of penguins falling down

Oh sure, penguins. You're soooooo good at walking on ice. Well, if you're the ice experts, how come you keep falling on your adorable asses?

New Pope Francis sure likes buses, but will he be a leader for climate action?

The two most recent popes had a good record of calling for action to fight climate change. But what about this new guy?