Parking up the wrong tree

10 reasons not to own a car in the city [PHOTOS]

The woes of owning a car run the gamut from pricey maintenance to sitting in traffic, parking tickets to CO2 emissions. And even if you’re not an auto owner, you’ve probably dealt with the hassle …

Happy sunshiney video time

Whether bikers should wait at red lights and more on transportation ethics

Biking around a fascinating city, pondering urban landscapes and human welfare, shaking fists at cabs in a goofy sort of way — what’s not to like? Streetsfilms talks transportation ethics with New York Times Magazine …

Psycho rainforest killer, qu'est-ce que c'est?

Ask Umbra’s Book Club: Time to take action

Dearest readers, Photo: GreenpeaceThanks so much for all your foodie insights this week related to Anna Lappé’s Diet for a Hot Planet (if you missed the live chat with her, catch the replay). One more …

backpedaling forward

The kind of traffic we wouldn’t mind more of

Rush hour in Utrecht, Holland, is enviable. But do their racks offer this kind of support? Via Buzzfeed. —————————————————————————————————————————————————– Like what you see? Sign up to receive The Grist List, our email roundup of pun-usual …

gawking on broken glass

Recycling exhibit helps New Yorkers let go, get smashed

The concept of getting smashed to blow off some steam is nothing new. But New Yorkers will be doing it in a whole new way at the (invite-only) Glassphemy! exhibit coming to Brooklyn. Part art, …

Plugging a plug-in

Library offers plug-in home energy monitors

Courtesy p3international.comSeattle Public Library now lets patrons check out Kill a Watt home energy monitors (retail $31 or so). Check it out, plug it into an outlet, and start learning about your home’s energy use: …

Grass That’s Truly Greener

One good thing about snow is that it makes your lawn look as nice as your neighbor’s. But with most of the snow across the nation now melted away and lawn mowers emerging from their …

The GINK Chronicles

Birth-control opponents greenwash their message

Even opponents of birth control are “going green” these days.  The uber-right-wing American Life League, founded by Catholic activists in 1979, launched a “The Pill Kills” campaign in 2008, and this year shifted its message …

Do the local-motion

Ask Umbra’s Book Club: Local or organic?

Dearest readers, Great discussion yesterday in the comments section and on Grist’s Facebook page about meat-eating environmentalists and gross corporate greenwashing campaigns (apparently, kids who are hopped up on sugary cereals in the morning do …

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