Climate & Energy

The EPA met its match: Amateur race car drivers

Republicans and amateur race car drivers teamed up against the EPA — and won.

Boom and Bust

The incredible history of fossil-fuel beauty pageants

From Appalachia to the Badlands, communities that owe their existence to coal, gas, and oil honor that legacy with beauty pageants.

Blunt Talk

Everything you need to know about pot’s environmental impact

Complete with pretty pictures!

High and Mighty

The legal marijuana biz is sky high. We’ve got some burning questions.

Right in time for 4/20, we present High and Mighty, a series about the booming buds industry.

Business & Technology

Keurig’s new green move is as mediocre as K-Cups coffee

Keurig is still ruining the planet one K-Cup at a time.


Meet the black activist who derailed a big polluting project before graduating college

Destiny Watford is one of this year's Goldman Prize winners.

Soil and Trouble

Are plastic soil beads safe for my plants?

A reader in Ontario wonders if plastic soil beads are safe for her plants, and advice maven Umbra Fisk digs in.

Shots and Chasers

In any war, you gotta have allies — including the one on abortion

The best male feminist allies are simply friends who wanted to talk and listen about life.


More plastic than fish in the ocean by 2050 — and other fun garbage facts!

If there's one thing Americans like more than buying stuff, it's throwing that stuff away. We take a by-the-numbers look at the country's waste line.