Ever experience pangs of guilt when ordering at a restaurant? This comic will feel a little too real

Welcome to The Last Honest Restaurant, where all of the food is deliciously horrible.

The Surfer

How catching big waves helped turn this pro surfer into a conservationist

Ramon Navarro first came to the sea with his fisherman rather, found his own place on it as a surfer, and now fights to protect the coastline he loves.


Should you joke about good hair and scary earthquakes?

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This communal fridge is pretty damn amazing

A small town in Spain set up a Solidarity Fridge to keep perfectly good food out of the dumpster.

Rio Olympic venues might already be making rowers sick

Thirteen American athletes got the runs after they were exposed to polluted water at Rio's Olympic sites.


We used your caffeine addiction to explain our bad consumption habits

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What should you think about when buying essential oils?

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Having kids makes people miserable, new study confirms

Life satisfaction plummets in the first years of parenthood, so just say no -- for yourself and the planet.

Climate & Energy

How air conditioning is actually making us hotter

More emissions means more global warming, which means more appetite for cooling.