no place like gnome

Life on this Colorado farm is about more than plants.

Tomten Farm produces more than just food: It produces relationships.

We Need To Talk

The president, a climate scientist, and a ’90s heartthrob walk onto the White House South Lawn.

President Obama, climatologist Katharine Hayhoe, and Leonardo DiCaprio got together to talk about climate change at SXSL.


A top climate scientist isn’t impressed with the world’s half-assed effort to save itself.

James Hansen thinks the landmark Paris Agreement is solid C-minus work.

Homage to Catalonia

Barcelona is kicking cars off many of its streets.

The city is banning cars from many neighborhoods, creating "superblocks."

Boo apron

If you use Blue Apron, you’ll want to read this.

A BuzzFeed investigation reveals long hours, low pay, and health violations for the company's warehouse workers.

Twitter Drama

The season premiere of Madam Secretary dealt with climate change, and some people didn’t like that.

In the premiere of the show's third season, President Conrad Dalton breaks party ties by embracing climate science.

Buzz kill

For the first time, bees have been added to the U.S. endangered species list.

We hear a lot about honeybees, but it's the wild bees we need to be worried about.

State of play

How can I find a nontoxic playmat for my kid?

A mom wants her kid to be able to do gymnastics safely. Umbra tumbles onto the scene with suggestions.

Spiral of silence

Most Americans care about climate change but don’t talk about it. Why?

A new report says we shy away from discussing climate change because we don’t hear others doing it.