McDonald’s to roll out organic hamburger in Germany

How big is the overlap between McD's customers and people who want organic beef? I guess we'll soon find out.


A few miles away from where the pope addressed Congress, a black community looks for change

The neighborhood's fresh air has long been overtaken by a trash transfer station.

Tanks for Nothing

Are automatic toilets wasteful?

Umbra swirls around the topic of bathrooms, drought, and those seemingly unavoidable gratuitous flushes.

AP bars reporters from saying “climate skeptic” and “climate denier”

The news agency has changed its style guide and introduced awkward new phrasing to describe people who don't accept climate science.


Meet Beijing’s weird new trend: Sproutcore

There's a hot new look that you could be yours, and all you need is a sprout growing out of the top of your head.

Finally, communal freezers offer space to store the whole hog

A group in upstate New York is bringing back the communal freezer.

Business & Technology

Coca-Cola cheated U.S. taxpayers out of $3.3 billion, according to IRS

Unsurprisingly, Coke disputes the claim.


Hey, media: Those gentrifying neighborhoods had residents before the yuppies moved in

The New York Times is being racist, classist, and colonialist when it writes about rich white people discovering off-the-radar neighborhoods.


Celebrate World Car-Free Day, if you can think of a good way to do that

Cities around the globe are shutting down streets to vehicles and letting pedestrians and bikers take over.