meow remix

First: Cats. Now: The polarization of science. Is there anything curiosity can’t kill?

A new paper says it's not knowledge, but curiosity, that allows people to break out of partisan bubbles.

Love Factually

#ClimateFacts is the best thing on Twitter today.

Maybe Trump will listen? HA.

causation, not correlation

Trump tries to stifle science, and scientists rally to march on Washington.

Americans seem to be prepared to turn out for progressive causes at higher numbers than ever before.

The Standing Rock Sioux will not back down

Trump's executive order is renewing the fight.

Princess and the Sea

Moana, a kids’ movie about climate change and indigenous people, is in the running for an Oscar.

Solving climate change is as easy as returning a magical stone to its rightful place!

Shoulda been Milk Duds

What the heck were thousands of red Skittles doing strewn across a frozen Wisconsin road?

Here's why we feed candy to cows.

Some Assembly Required

How to get shit done like a good activist

You’re the best advocacy tool you’ve got. Get sharp.

Some Assembly Required

So, your world is falling apart. Here’s how to build it up again.

A starter kit for being a more engaged and effective person in your country and community.

March with the penguins

Women’s marches, occurring across seven continents, include a focus on environment

A march by eco-minded activists in Antarctica is just the latest of hundreds planned around the U.S. and the world.