New York City hopes a 10-foot wall can save it from rising seas

Now New York really is New Amsterdam.

Walk It Out

The key to fighting climate change and mortality? Walkable cities

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Advertising to kids isn’t good, it’s grrreat!

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life's a beach

Why is a ton of trash washing up on beaches in Hong Kong? It’s a mystery!

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After 71 million trips, bike shares see their first fatality

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Chemical Bothers

Taking down a wooden playset? Don’t make this mistake.

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hot dog!

We’re really heating up this Independence Day

In 1776, the Fourth of July was a brisk 76 degrees F. Those days are over.

Don’t fuel bad

Taking a road trip this Fourth of July? Here’s how it all adds up.

Vehicle emissions are becoming America’s chief climate polluter.

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Celebrate America by avoiding our national embarrassment: Hot dogs