Plug Ugly

Electric cars are so popular we’re running out of plugs

We’re in an era of cutthroat plug competition — which is both good and bad.

This Mess Again

There’s a new toxin in your water to worry about, America

PFASs are linked with cancer, hormone disruption, high cholesterol, and obesity, and were found in the water supplies of 6 million people.

algae whiz

The Olympics keeps getting greener — well, the pools do, anyway

Algae is turning Rio's pools a frightening shade of green.


Brilliant photographer captures daily life during the Flint water crisis

A short film by Latoya Ruby Frazier shows that surviving is harder when your water is poisoned.

In Those Jeans

You can buy refurbished clothes for less from this Earth-friendly startup

A startup wants to fix those pants you broke in the dressing room — and sell them to you at a discount.

Bacteria to the future

Cholera could make a comeback, thanks to climate change

As ocean temperatures have risen, so have the number of lethal bacteria that cause the waterborne disease.

Smashing Records

Here’s a new Olympic sport to consider: Safe sex

The push for protection is partially attributed to anxieties around the Zika virus, which is sexually transmittable.

I've Made A Huge Mistake

Flint’s lead-poisoned water cost the city nearly 100 times as much as it was supposed to save

The disastrous switch from Lake Huron to the Flint River as the city's water source will cost it nearly $460 million.


Colorado could vote to limit fracking on November ballot

The oil and gas industry is already fighting back.