For the price of a few dead whales, Spain gets to grow food in the desert

Attempts at turning a desert into a greenhouse have serious consequences for Mediterranean sea life.

TweetFarts lets you find out how much carbon your dumb Twitter hashtag is generating

Everything you do on Twitter produces carbon emissions. Is that enough to shame people out of participating in dumbass hashtags? If only.

British Customs discovers 30 million cigarettes masquerading as wind turbine parts

Some sneaky people tried to smuggle some cigarettes into the U.K. by telling customs officials they were wind turbines. Customs Officials, 1, Sneaky People, 0.

Hubble discovers Space Invader near distant galaxy

Keep working on that global warming thing, but we may soon have bigger problems on our hands.

Mr. Eco is our favorite environmental rap superhero

Consider his latest, "Recycle Robot," in which he encourages his team of EcoHeroes to do the right thing.

Switching to LEDs could help eliminate food waste

When you put food near heat, it spoils more quickly.

‘Breakfast beer’ is part of this complete, worryingly alcoholic breakfast

The beer tastes like grapefruit and multigrain cereal. At least it’s not trying to taste like Lucky Charms.

March is ‘Get Small’ month at Grist

Do massive, planetary-scale dilemmas look different at eye height? In March, we intend to find out, as we seek micro solutions to macro problems.

Curtain kale: Farmers get jiggy with it to support local CSAs

What’s the matter, farmer? Down on your luck? Pick up a pitchfork -- or better yet, put on some knee socks and roller skates -- and do some interpretive dance.