red and blue power plugs

Conservatives vs. liberals: Who wastes more electricity?

Democrats use less energy than do Republicans. And Greens use way less than everybody else.

dead pigs in a river

River full of dead, diseased pigs is just another food safety nightmare for China

Are 5,916 diseased pigs enough to get China to rethink its food safety system? Probably not.

Perfect swarm: Giant mosquitos invade Florida

Warmer winters and more storms could mean giant mosquitoes are in the Sunshine State to stay.

Here’s what a volcanic eruption looks like from space

Images of a volcano taken from the International Space Station are useful to geologists because they detail the early stages of eruption, and useful to the rest of us because they are awesome.

Miami’s public transit is so bad, advocates have been reduced to building fake train stations

For a brief time last week, students from a local university had a whole new train station up and running -- a stop on the Purple Line, with vendors, music, crowds, and imaginary trains running into the station on a …

Australia’s latest invasive species concern is a giant snail that will eat your house

Last time giant African snails showed up in Australia, they ate crops and house siding and took eight months to eradicate. One just showed up in a shipping container in Brisbane. Dun-duh-DUNNNNNNH.

The prize in this ‘lobster claw’ machine is an actual live lobster

Usually when you play with your food before you eat it, it is already dead and cooked.

The new SimCity: Green urbanist dream, gamer nightmare

Launched last week, the new game has been plagued by technical problems and claims that it has a secret green agenda.

Eensy-beensy baby octopus is a teeny wee octopus-head, yes it is

This is by far the most adorable thing that also kind of looks like the results of picking your nose that we've ever seen.