As the climate warms, skiers can kiss their Aspen goodbye

Global warming almost certainly spells doom for ski resorts. So why aren’t industry leaders making more of a stink about it?

Bike Helmet of Justice will capture footage of the a*hole driver who hit you

It has embedded in it seven cameras that start recording when jarred and jostled -- i.e., when the cyclist wearing it gets into an accident.

LEDs will soon light your home

Energy-efficient LED lightbulbs are becoming affordable and being designed to resemble the incandescent bulbs of old.

We’re addicted to this map of average commute times in the U.S.

On average, in America, it takes a person 25.4 minutes to get to work. But averages elide so much wonderful, painful information about location and the burden of commuting.

These beautiful landscapes are actually piles of trash

Artist Yao Lu's works look like classical Chinese landscape paintings, but they're really photographs of landfill garbage covered in construction netting.

Help your favorite species win this March Madness tournament for best animal of all time

Buzzfeed is running a March Madness tournament for the cutest things nature has to offer, and when it's done we'll all know for certain which animal is best.

This bizarre-looking bike went 127 miles per hour

That gigantic gear had 130 teeth. The bike had wooden rims to keep it from overheating. It weighed 45 pounds. And it went fast. As. Hell.

13-year-old genius from Kenya is saving lions with LEDs

Richard Turere's invention will keep lions from killing cows, which will keep humans from killing lions.

Practically all of the forest elephants are dead :( :(

A new study found that the number of forest elephants in Africa has dropped by two-thirds over the past decade, to just 100,000.