Jam on it: Uncanny adventures in food preservation

The Greenie Pig gets over her fear of botulism and partakes in some serious home economics.

Occupy Catan

Let's not forget the importance of land use and resource allocation.

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Occupy Wall Street could be the first step towards a saner, smarter future -- and Grist is there with you to help make sense of it.


Are Americans more worried about population than climate change?

A recent poll found 29 percent of Americans listing "overpopulation" as a major environmental challenge, while just 27 percent named global warming.

Can we turn mining pits into underground cities?

Architect Matthew Fromboluti designed this inverted skyscraper to make use of abandoned open-pit mining operations in Bisbee, Ariz. The 900-foot underground building (maybe we should call it a mantle-scraper?) wouldn't just be for residences -- …


Talking to my son about sex and sustainability

"Are we going to talk about sex again?!" screamed my 12-year-old son. I had just sat down with him to have one of our father-son talks.

The world's first vertical forest is under construction in Milan

We've pretty much established that trees are awesome -- they make you smart, improve your home's value, filter pollution, provide shade, and produce oxygen. But even in a city that prioritizes green spaces, surface area …


Ask Umbra: Is banning clotheslines legal?

A reader wonders if neighborhoods can legally hang clothesline users out to dry. Umbra pins down the answer.


Remember when Americans used to care about population? [VIDEO]

These days, when people go out of their way to avoid mention of the P word, it's almost hard to believe that population used to be a mainstream issue.