anti-foaming at the mouth

WTFood: McNuggets have a little too much in common with Silly Putty

Photo: fuxoft via FlickrDrooling over those food-like substances!Moms across the nation can breathe a collective sigh of relief every time their toddlers pop Silly Putty in their mouths with the news that that childhood mainstay …

Melt with you

How hot is it? Hot enough to shave your cat?

How hot is it? Hot enough to shave your cat?Photo: Jennifer PredigerWelcome to summer. We’re having a heat wave here in the Northeast that’s breaking records. Some sizzling places recorded temps of 103 degrees F …


Greening — and feeding — the city with a ‘garden block’

It looks like one of the main take-aways from the Congress for the New Urbanism 18 conference is something being labeled “agrarian urbanism.” Fast Company is calling it the “new new urbanism” and Treehugger has …

a barrel full of family fun

BP offshore oil board game: Seemed like a fun idea at the time?

Back in the ’70s, BP decided to market a family board game by the name of “Offshore Oil Strike,” boasting the “thrills of drilling” as well as the “hazards and rewards.” I mean, Monopoly worked …

You've got that nesting feeling

Cool digs for urban chickens [SLIDESHOW]

So you’ve consulted your city’s municipal code regarding backyard poultry — or just decided, “Cluck the neighbors, I’m getting chickens!” Next you’ll need a home for your birds that offers room to roam, warmth in …

Clean Hair Act

Ask Umbra on hair dye that won’t kill you or the planet

Send your question to Umbra! Q. Dear Umbra, I’m sure you’ve already addressed this, having bright red hair and all, but I was wondering about your advice on hair coloring.  I’d like to hide my …

Learning curveball

Urbivore’s Dilemma, Week 4: A disgusting mess

The bounty of week 4.(Jennifer Prediger photos) Welcome to week four of my CSA experience, which I’m chronicling here in this Urbivore’s Dilemma series. This week’s CSA bounty included Bibb lettuce, mustard greens, sorrel, raspberries, …

red, white, blue, and green

Ask Umbra’s Pearls of Wisdom on Independence Day

Oh say does that star-spangled banner yet wave to a greener Fourth of July?Photo courtesy of Hryck via flickr It’s 4th of July weekend!  Time to “ooh” and “aah” and eat things on buns with …

Pepper doctor

Savory fruit salads are a 4th of July taste revolution

(April McGreger photos) We all know the 4th of July routine: fireworks, grilling, and all-American pies for dessert. But unlike Thanksgiving, no side dishes traditionally stand out. This year, don’t get stuck eating potato salad …

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