The future we want

It's tough to make compelling drama out of a happy-green-prosperous future -- even if that's where we want to live.

your guide to the field guide

Ask Umbra’s Book Club: Get ready to talk about the new American roots movement

We�re hosting a live chat with author Kurt B. Reighley, KEXP�s DJ El Toro. Send in questions about the American roots movement for the chance to win a book copy!

helmet, smellmet!

A bike helmet that stinks will keep you from cracking up

Worried about whether your helmet will still keep you safe after a few falls? Here's one that makes quite a stink when it's time to replace it.

Nothing to fear but gear itself

Like your dinner, your gadgets come from somewhere

While writing about food politics on my Dell "Latitude" laptop, I often daydream about a sleek new MacBook Air or MacBook Pro. (And an iPad, and maybe an iPhone.) Or at least I did -- until I read about the conditions of the workers who make them. Why do we spend so much time thinking about where our food comes from, while ignoring the origins of the latest tech craze?

The GINK Chronicles

Oklahoma guv candidate slammed for being childfree woman

Oklahoma GOP gov candidate Mary Fallin says what sets her apart is "having children" -- a slam at Dem opponent Jari Askins, who doesn't have kids.


'20 is Plenty' campaign takes crazy stance against running over children

Hoboken, N.J., launched a "Twenty is Plenty" campaign to ask drivers to voluntarily slow down to 20 mph where the limit is 25.

My Green Conscience

What can one person do, when 6.8 billion are frying the planet?

Climate change got you down? Don't despair. Here's a visual exploration of what you can do to make a difference, featuring art, video, and dinosaurs.

my two breast friends

Ask Umbra addresses environmental links to breast cancer

Breast Cancer Awareness Month may be over now, but that doesn't keep a reader from worrying that he's a boob for not knowing more about the connection between breast cancer and environmental factors. Ask Umbra gets a lot of useful information off her chest about what chemicals to avoid and how to take a stand for toxic chemicals reform. Read this and your cup of knowledge shall run over.

The GINK videos

Michelle Goldberg on the globalized culture war over reproductive rights [VIDEO]

Michelle Goldberg, author of "The Means of Reproduction: Sex, Power, and the Future of the World," talks about women's rights, abortion, & population.