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Ask Umbra on celebrating World Oceans Day

Some water over the rainbow … maybe there isn’t an oil spill.Photo: Sean Linehan, NOAAAhoy, mateys! Today is June 8th, and it’s one of my favorite holidays: World Oceans Day! World Oceans Day was officially …


Ask Umbra on rinsing recyclables, flipping off fluorescents, and poisoning yourself

Send your question to Umbra! Q. Dear Umbra, How important is it to rinse out containers before they go into recycling bins? Does a failure to rinse a jar contaminate the whole bin? What about …

Churn and churn about

Summer in a bowl: Blueberry buttermilk ice cream

April McGreger photos Ask me about my favorite foods, and I will inevitably list my favorite food experiences — all of which, by no coincidence, are cooked or eaten outside: boiled peanuts, barbecue, fried crappie, …

sitting on the crock of the bay

The absolute worst thing that could happen with the oil spill, according to Michael Bay

If blockbuster film director Michael Bay had anything to do with it, the expanding oil slick in the Gulf of Mexico would hail the Armageddon and Matt Damon would be wearing top hats and taking …

cart blanch

Ditching shopping carts one-ups bans on plastic bags

Why would we want to teach our little rascals that shopping carts and cars don’t go together?Sean Dreilinger via Flickr Creative CommonsCalifornia may think it’s bag-ass for its progress toward banning plastic shopping bags. However, …

paper cuts

Children’s books about saving rainforests actually destroy them

You’re killing me, kid.marko2marko via Flickr Creative Commons OK, parents. We know it’s tough raising kids, but as you read Junior a touching tale about sloths in the Amazon, you may be doing more razing …

Driving us gaga

BP’s bad romance with the Gulf [VIDEO]

If Obama were Lady Gaga and BP were … a sketchy love interest, then the Prez would be singing all about their bad romance: Via Derek Markham. ——————————————————————————————————————————————– Like what you see? Sign up to …

Beyond Petroleum -- For Real

How we can end our addiction to oil

It’s time we moved on to something else, or this is going to kill us. Not only are world oil supplies running out, but what oil is still left is proving very dirty to obtain. …

The GINK Chronicles

‘Sex and the City 2′ is the greenest movie of the year

Forget earnest documentaries about corporatized food and natural-gas fracking and climate refugees.  The greenest movie of 2010 chronicles the latest exploits of none other than Carrie Bradshaw. Yes, even though she’s a clotheshorse who once …

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