The 32 most alarming charts from the government’s climate change report

The government’s new climate-change report is loaded with charts that outline the heat waves, droughts, and floods that will become the new normal where you live. Here are the 32 scariest.

California enjoys and/or suffers from a historic baby bust

The Golden State's birthrate has dropped to 1.94 and economists are freaking out.

Beijing air pollution goes off the charts as electricity use climbs

The thick yellow air over China's capital city bodes poorly for life in its still-hot economy.

A meat-lover's guide to going vegetarian

Flesh choice: A meat lover’s guide to giving it up

Good for you? Check. Good for the planet? Check. But how to keep from falling off the meat wagon? Our carnivorous author commences an experiment in provisional vegetarianism.

Ask Umbra: Can I have a kid and be car-free?

A reader wonders if she is depriving her child of life’s pleasures by choosing not to drive. Fortunately, Umbra wasn’t Bjorn yesterday.

Pinnacles in California named as 59th national park

But under Obama, far, far less land has been protected than under other recent presidents -- even George W. Bush.

Keeping a growing Austin green — and weird — is no easy task

Austin, Texas, grew a whopping 51.1 percent in 10 years. Is it possible for a city to grow quickly and retain its character? Lucia Athens, Austin's sustainability director, hopes so.

Rum promoter won’t be allowed to hold shark-killing tournament

The moron pulled the same stunt in 1975 to celebrate the release of "Jaws."

Happy 25th anniversary, San Jose’s useless light rail!

God bless the South Bay for trying. But it isn't working.