Marijuana growers endanger salmon, bears, and even dogs

The market for pot in California is booming, thanks to the legalization of medical marijuana, and that means bad news for the environment and critters.

The new holiday mantra: More fun, less stuff

This year, go easy on the wallet and light on the land by writing your own rules for the holidays. Just don't lose the magic in the process.

Ask Umbra: What will it take to change the world?

A reader asks if saving the planet is better done from the top down or the bottom up. Umbra responds with a Four-Point Guide to Combating Either-Or Thinking.

Be considerate of future generations — and future species, too

In all likelihood, the impacts of climate change will outlast us, as a species. So what, if anything, do we owe our distant, post-human descendants?

Grist’s ‘Shift the Gift’ campaign hits national TV — again

Earlier this month, Grist set out to rewrite the rules of the holidays. The idea seems to be catching.

Ignore the Midwest at your own risk, says a Kansas sustainability director

Kansas may be the testing grounds for a Tea Party America, but we need the Midwest if we're going to get anything done, argues the sustainability coordinator of Lawrence, Kan.

Meet ‘the Minimalists’ — two guys who had it all, and gave it up

Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus spent years amassing the trappings of a “successful” life. Then they decided success wasn’t all it was chalked up to be.

Traffic deaths are down, but pedestrian and cyclist deaths are up

Deaths involving motor vehicles fell 1.9 percent in 2011, the lowest level since 1949. The bad news is that drivers are killing the rest of us.

Crunching the numbers: Will you see a white Christmas?

No! At least, probably not. And it depends on what you mean by "white Christmas."