Robots, plants team up to make humans fall flat on their faces

By making plants mobile, you make them the natural enemies of a) humans and b) cats


Spreading the loaf: A bakers cooperative with a vision for change

Bread Uprising envisions a food system in which everyone is entitled to bread, whether or not they have money to offer in exchange.


Umbra’s second helpings: Unplug your vampire appliances [VIDEO]

Your chargers and appliances are sucking your wallet dry, says Grist’s eco-advice columnist. Here’s how to put a stake through their hearts.


Low-income smokers in New York drop 25 percent of their income on cigarettes

Almost 40 percent of cigarette taxes collected in New York come from those earning $30,000 a year or less.


This guy runs the Fight Club of libraries outside his front door

For more than a decade, Hernando Guanlao, of Manila, has run the Fight Club of reading out of his home library. The BBC reports: The idea is simple. Readers can take as many books as they want, for as long …


Ditch your car this week! We double-dog dare you

Around the world this week, people are spurning their cars in favor of buses, bikes, and their own two feet. Are you up for the challenge, America?


Junk-food manufacturers explore a new realm of advertising: Apps

The FTC's efforts to limit advertising to kids have hit a new stumbling block: iPhone games.


Ask Umbra: What’s that stuff in my bra?

A reader wonders about what’s in those newfangled foam rubber bras. Umbra makes the big reveal, and offers some uplifting alternatives.


Slovenians house their bees in works of art

Slovenes provide gorgeous painted beehives for their colonies