Pesticide chemicals linked to food allergies

A new study suggests a link between rising food allergies and our ubiquitous and beloved pesticides.

New Yorkers create three pounds of garbage per person per day

That's actually a pound less than in 2000.

How eco-awful is your Christmas tree? Experts are split

Tree farms might soak up lots of carbon, but some critics still think renting a potted tree is better.

Peace in a pod: How tiny apartments could reshape the big city

Microhousing promises the kind of density essential for building sustainable cities -- but it doesn't always go over smoothly with the neighbors.

Public transit use is up — again!

For the seventh consecutive quarter, millions more Americans rode trains, subways, and buses.

From bike shares to urban farms, Philadelphia is on the rise

And a new office of urban innovation could spur even more eco-futurism in the City of Brotherly Love.

David Roberts talks fracking on MSNBC’s ‘Up With Chris Hayes’

It's not often a cable TV show hosts a smart, in-depth discussion of energy issues. David Roberts takes part in that rare episode on a recent "Up With Chris Hayes."

Study finds ‘widespread seafood fraud’ at restaurants

Almost 40 percent of tested fish in New York City were mislabeled, with endangered or toxic varieties being served instead of what's listed on the menu.

Milk sales have declined sharply, perhaps because we aren’t all babies

Declining sales point to the fact that fewer Americans are drinking milk. Philip Bump offers an explanation -- plus reasons why it's gross anyway.