A moment of silence

Giving thanks — to turkeys, without flinching [VIDEO]

A smart and compassionate young farmer walks her customers through the tough business of slaughtering and processing their turkeys so they really understand how a life becomes meat. And how to give thanks for that …

the bust way to save energy

Bras give energy efficiency a sexy boost in Italy

An Italian lingerie company is offering to help women shrink their waste while supporting their busts (and the planet) with a bra recycling program that finally gives energy efficiency that sexy push-up it's been lacking.

the need to stampede?

Ask Umbra on Black Friday, giving thanks, and buying nothing

Don't get caught in the herd headed for Black Friday's 'Savings Stampede!' Join Umbra in celebrating Buy Nothing Day, or "Giving Thanks Day."

Yamming it up

What food pros are looking forward to this Thanksgiving

We set aside our knee-jerk curmudgeonliness and asked other food professionals how they make Thanksgiving interesting for themselves. Because, while this holiday for us has always been more about the company than the meal, we …

Those plucky kids

A mostly vegetarian school gets bloody over turkeys

When the peace-loving Arthur Morgan School community in North Carolina decided to raise and kill our own turkeys, we found ourselves in the throes of an ethical debate about eating meat.

Dancin’ with Franzen?

Ask Umbra's Book Club: What do you want to ask Jonathan Franzen?

Grist will be interviewing author Jonathan Franzen about environmental themes in his novel "Freedom" this week. What should we ask him? Tell us!

greening requires a lot of green

The messy side of energy efficiency: finance

If we want to make a dent in household energy efficiency, we will need to move large amounts of private capital.

Moderation nations

How do you eat well? Share your 'food rules'

Culture has much to teach us about how to choose, prepare, and eat food. I'm collecting and preserving more of this wisdom before it disappears, in an expanded edition of my last book.

Man v. bird

DIY turkey: From farm to family dinner table [VIDEO]

I wanted the full Thanksgiving experience: turkey hunting, visiting farms, bringing a bird home to my backyard -- and killing it and serving it to the family.