you wear what you eat

From the kitchen to the catwalk: clothing you can wear, then eat [SLIDESHOW]

Recently, Lady Gaga raised a ruckus with a meat dress and fashion took New York by storm. So we compiled some tasty clothing you can wear then eat.

let the greenie out of the bottle

Booze in bulk with self-serve wine dispensers

If the French don't look down their noses at the unbottled joys of bulk wine, why can't we? Waste not and wine a lot!

Alternative energy before energy-to-be-an-alternative-for

2,000 Indian villages skip fossil fuels, get first electricity from solar

The Indian state of Orissa has decided to electrify an additional 2,000 villages by March 2012 using decentralized solar power.


Maryland Green Party Senate candidate killed by SUV while cycling

Natasha Pettigrew, a Maryland Green Party candidate for U.S. Senate, died late Monday, two days after a Cadillac Escalade hit her while she was bicycling.

Go, fish!

Let this poor little fish teach you to save water

In case you don't have bothersome fourth graders handy to remind you to "save some water for the whales," designer Yan Lu has a solution. But Goldie the Goldfish might not be happy about it.


Ben & Jerry's latest flavor: genetically engineered fish

Most ice cream lovers probably wouldn't line up for any flavor dubbed "Something's Fishy." That is, unless it were Ben & Jerry's phamous Phish Food in political disguise. Would you bite?

less is roar

Egger's Head: The power of getting off the work hard, drink hard treadmill

Robert Egger took 3 weeks off this summer from his busy schedule to get out of the grind and reconnect to everything that's important. Listen here!

Heinz-sight is 20/20

10 enviro achievers honored with Heinz Awards

The 10 winners of this year's Heinz Awards work in a variety of disciplines, but they're all tackling the big environmental challenges of our times.

Take it with a grain of pharmaceutical salt

Water treatment plant yields gourmet drug-infused seasoning!

You can now sprinkle hand-harvested salt from San Francisco Bay on your food -- if you dare.