Put down the cookies, Santa

Scientists say carbs — not fat — are the biggest problem with America's diet

The L.A. Times reports on the growing scientific evidence that carbohydrates -- not fat -- are more likely to be responsible for obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and the other ills of modern civilization. I've certainly …

Locavorting in the snow

Cooking for a crowd in the dead of winter [VIDEO]

A harvest dinner I hosted at Two Pony Gardens was made with 100% Minnesota ingredients, except salt -- hey, I did the best I could!

arguing over efficiency

Rebounds gone wild

David Owen's New Yorker article about energy efficiency misses the point.

All you need is gloves?

Ask Umbra gives relationship advice to a couple battling it out over 'eco-stress'

Ask Umbra gets personal and gives advice to a reader who has a “different level of commitment to sustainability” than her husband. What to do if you’re more eco-aware than the one you love? If …

'Tis the season to be roly-poly

Sweet bites for the holidays [RECIPES]

As Christmas approaches, some like to shop and some decorate. Me, I crank up the cookie factory. Here are some of my personal favorites.

It's raining ten, hallelujah!

Top 10 green stories of 2010

From California to China, Bill Clinton to Jonathan Franzen, Monsanto to BP, denial to death, here are the stories that mattered most this year.

To cute a long story short

Kids say the darndest things about the planet

Check out what kids say they would get Earth for Christmas. And find out how to win a signed copy of Kids Make It Better: A Write-in, Draw-in Journal.

Necessity is a mother

Memo to ecovores: It’s cheaper being green

Listen up, locavores: Many of us live by the same ecologically sound principles as you, not so we can "live intentionally," but because we're broke.

Light my fire

Feeding our wood stove in winter

Our farm provides more than nutrition. We also have the land to thank for the toasty living room I now enjoy.