Campfire-scented beard cologne lets you pretend you’ve been outside

There are these sticks you can rub in your beard so you smell like you've been camping, which seems like more fun than camping, except that people with beards love camping, so why would they need this? One wonders.

America, this is how you’re using your energy

Curious about how much oil America uses versus how much it imports, or how much energy people use to stay warm? The Energy Information Administration would like to show you. Enjoy.

These are by far the coolest shoes for animal lovers we’ve ever seen

How could we not love these animal-themed shoes, featuring favorite Grist List creatures like orcas, sharks, and elephants (plus non-animal Grist List faves like coffee and butts)? Well, I suppose we could not love them because they cost between $1,000 and $2,000 …

Umbra’s second helpings: Sweaters and the moths who love them

Is your fall cardigan supply looking worse for the wear? Read this. Umbra doesn't sweat the sweater stuff.

Southern sustainability: Asheville’s Maggie Ullman says her city is greener than you think

The manager of Asheville, N.C.’s sustainability office talks about her Twitter profile, making sustainability pay, and how her city is blowing Portland out of the water.

New York City sees spike in traffic deaths, harbor poop

The mayor's annual survey of statistics in the New York City has some good pieces of news -- and two particularly bad ones.

Can you survive the backroads — and backcountry — without processed foods?

On a mission to eat only real foods, our fearless green-living pioneer braves convenience stores and mountain picnic spots -- and lives to tell the tale.

The coming plague: How humans are changing the landscape of disease

Disease ecologist James Holland Jones talks about the Black Death, “suspended snot,” and the power of what Obi-Wan Kenobi once called a “wretched hive of scum and villainy" in spreading global pandemics.

Omaha teenager starts a program to donate ungrateful kids’ fruit to the hungry

Schoolkids are now required to take a fruit or vegetable at lunch, but they're not required to eat it. This teen made her classmates donate that food instead of tossing it.