Slicing and dicing reality

From “local” Lays to Oprah’s KFC promo, hypocrisy abounds in the food world

War is peace, junk food is real food….Nobody likes hypocrites, despite the fact that everyone is a hypocrite to one degree or another: the smoker who tells her kids not to smoke; the closeted politician who works against gay rights; the police officer who throws the book at stoners but who himself gets high. But in the matter of marketing food, hypocrisy reaches a fever pitch. Take last month’s flap about Oprah Winfrey’s KFC promotion. While the MSM focused on the feeding frenzy that ensued, and the near-riots when KFCs across the country ran out of food or people couldn’t …

The Grist List

From Rapping to Wrapping

Willing.i.amThis Black Green-eyed Pea wants a White House job. If hired, we imagine his boardroom beats might go something like this: “Yo ‘Bama, (boom boom boom) we gotta get-get this climate bill signed!”   (Click below to see the next item in this week’s Grist List—or view them all on a single page.)      

The Importance of Being Unearnest

Liberals aren’t laughing at Mike Judge’s new show, but not for the reason you think

Let me say one thing: I love Mike Judge. Love. I could watch his cubemate gangstas smashing that copier endlessly, and I can still hear Hank Hill’s voice drawling, “Bobbeh!” The man is funneh — which is why I had high hopes for last night’s premiere of The Goode Family. Mike Judge and Gerald Goode.ABCIt’s the show that promises to skewer cherished tenets of political correctness. And boy, did it succeed. Skewer, skewer, skewer — Judge and his co-writers crammed every possible stereotype into the pilot, from veganism to well intentioned racism. There was so much skewering going on, it …

All You Need Is Lav

Ask Umbra on public peeing

Send your question to Umbra! Q. Dear Umbra, What, in your opinion, is proper flushing etiquette when using public lavatories? Or, indeed, those belonging to your friends? At home we follow the if-it’s-yellow rule, but only occasionally am I bold enough to do this in a public restroom; in general it feels rather antisocial unless I am so fantastically hydrated that you can barely tell I’ve peed. Any thoughts? Urines truly,Ms. Peebody A. Dearest Ms. Peebody, It’s not polite to leave your urine unflushed in a public lav, nor is it polite to do so at the house of a …

Picture this

Seattle film fest highlights environmental flicks

In darkened theaters across the city, cinephiles, AV nerds, and the otherwise overly critical are silently salivating over their annual flick fix: Seattle’s International Film Festival. The 25-day festival, the largest in the U.S., is about a week in, and movie-goers are still siffting through the packed schedule of almost 400 films and more than 600 screenings. Thankfully, the good folks at SIFF have for the third year running highlighted their environmental films under the Planet Cinema umbrella. This year’s selections include flicks from the U.S., the U.K., Japan, China, and beyond; they cover topics ranging from coal-mining to commercial …

A mighty wind

Of cow burps, beef, and methane

My climate for a cow fart? Dear Checkout Line, I read recently that meat is a huge emitter of greenhouse gas–more than even cars! It got me to wondering–does that mean all meat, or just from animals grown on factory farms? For example, I know that cow farts and burps contribute lots of methane. But don’t grass-fed cows burp and fart, too? I guess my bottom-line question is, is any beef really sustainable, in greenhouse gas terms? Thanks, Beef-loving Ed Dear Beefy Ed, Count your blessings! If we blamed global warming on human flatulence, beer and Mexican food would be …

It Could Be Verse

A climate-news poem for the week of May 18

This week’s entry too short? Spend some time with last week’s rhymes. Two brave warriors Stand triumphant with their bill Battle’s just begun  Waxman and Markey have a long way to go.  

Also, Can We Come Over?

Have a happy (and green) Memorial Day weekend

Take a bite out of summer.It’s Memorial Day weekend! Say hello to the long, hot days of summer and goodbye to all the rest. However you celebrate this seasonal turning point, we’ve got advice for making it just a bit greener. First, we hoist the flag with Umbra, who tells us how to be proud patriots 24 hours a day. Now for the juicy stuff: Planning a cookout? Check out Umbra’s quick ‘n’ easy advice on eco-friendly grilling (quicker still: chuck the charcoal) and these illuminating BBQ FAQs. If you know how to fuel your fire but can’t decide what …

The grist list

From Doug to Diaz

He would have needed a stage nameBrad’s not the only one who digs green building — his brother’s joining him to support a hometown eco-stadium. The groundbreaking was just the other day … you might say officials Doug a Pitt.  

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