TreeShagger: 15 places to meet a green hottie

If you want to pick up a climate hawk, you gotta learn to fly. (Or something.) Let me teach you where to find a suitable green lover.


Eco-friendly detergents ruin America and the future by requiring a tiny amount of effort

Here's the newest way attempts to save the planet are pissing off Fox News: Because of laws to limit phosphorus pollution, some people now find it marginally more inconvenient to do the dishes. WHAT ABOUT OUR FREEDOMS?

Climate & Energy

Genghis Khan — not that green after all

A new study highlights the supposed green benefits of Genghis Khan's mass slaughter -- but neglects his not-so-green sex life.

Business & Technology

We need trains to 'win the future' — so get over that deficit hysteria

High-speed rail does not materialize with the snap of a finger or the uttering of inspiring words in a State of the Union speech. It costs public money.

Climate & Energy

The Oscar-nominated green documentary short you have to watch

Watch the Oscar-nominated short film about a Chinese village that conquered a chemical company. Trickery! People overcoming adversity! Cute swans!


Flava Flav opens fried chicken chain, threatens the Colonel

Look out, KFC: Flav's Fried Chicken is coming! Flava Flav just opened his first fried chicken joint in Iowa, vowing to come by and work the fryer.

Climate & Energy

Rock stars, lesbians, and probably some Icelandic elves team up for geothermal power

Two rules for industry in Iceland: Don't piss off the elves, and do NOT mess with Bjork. She is the Hugo Chavez of Iceland's geothermal power.


Is that a solar panel in your pocket? Because I'm getting energized by your pants

Eco-fashion designers are starting to think beyond organic, Fair Trade, and sweatshop-free: Instead of just not harming the world, clothes now need to save it. Here are some duds that do double duty, not only covering your junk but also …


How green are the Oscar nominees?

We take a look at the nominees for this year's Academy Awards: Who's the greenest of them all?