GM sugar beet: Trick or treat?

Sugar from GM sugar beets will soon be unlabeled and widespread

The scariest thing next Halloween might not be the monsters, zombies or witches trolling our streets — it might be the candy. Those colorful, tin-foil-wrapped Hershey’s kisses and dark chocolate pumpkins could contain sugar extracted …

Random question of the day

Why don’t refrigerators have hydraulic doors that close automatically?

Recessionista style

Is slow fashion a new term for an old idea?

Photo: somethingstartedcrazy Move over, fashionistas. This fall, the recessionistas are taking over. With the economy unraveling like a Forever 21 sweater, terms like “recessionista” and “slow fashion” are popping up all over. Last month, a …

Vote for Kristen Bell

Veronica Mars campaigns for the Earth

A vote for Kristen Bell is a vote for the environment … or so says her Gap ad:

Sounds fishy

Stone Gossard sings of salmon in Seattle

At a recent music-and-food-related gathering in Seattle, Pearl Jam guitarist (and Grist BFF) Stone Gossard sang about salmon. His little ditty was inspired by his work with the Wild Salmon Center and focuses on the …

Does this count as a carbon offset?

The Christian Science Monitor will abandon its daily print edition in April 2009

Wow — the Christian Science Monitor is going to bag its print version. This is a very big deal. In 10 years, my guess is that printed papers will be rather rare. The ramifications are …

Send a Grist Halloween e-card

With Election Day looming, this Halloween may be even spookier than usual. Elect to send your loved ones a Grist e-card — just to show them that you scare. (And check out last year’s cards …

Ford Smart Gauge urges driver fuel efficiency

Trying to reduce gas consumption? Drivers of the 2010 Ford Fusion and Mercury Milan hybrids will be assisted by a Smart Gauge that screams instructions like a panicked driver’s ed teacher shows, among other things, …

How to green your garage

Start greening your car hole. Photo: Paul Salzman Alt-rock band Weezer kept a Dungeon Master’s Guide, 12-sided die, and KISS posters there. Yours likely has a jumble of old tires, extension cords, motor oil, tire …