Umbra on store-brand organics

Hey Umbra, What with organic foods being so expensive, I’m often tempted to buy the store-brand organic produce that’s cropping up lately. Are the store brands as good (i.e., pesticide free) as any other brand …

The power of peaceful protest

Review of Fields of Fuel

Back in July, I reviewed a documentary film called Fields of Fuel directed by Josh Tickell. That film recently returned to Seattle after being reedited and renamed, Fuel. I actually think this new iteration is …

Carbon footprint reduction

The Onion: still funny.

Lights, camera, climate action!

Grist video kicks off Global Day of Climate Action 2008

In honor of the fourth annual Global Day of Climate Action on Dec. 6 and the global climate talks currently going down in Poznan, Poland, Grist put together a little video to get everyone thinking …

From Racy to Race

Strung out The students at Allegheny College are on clothespins and needles worrying about climate change. So they’ve hung their cares underwears out to dry … hey, is that a Hood Thong? Puddle stumper This …

O Christmas tree, how natural are thy branches?

Are Christmas trees really ever green?

"Can you decorate your Fraser fir without getting pesticide residue in your lungs and on your skin?" The NYT answers: Sure, if the tree is certified organic by the Department of Agriculture. Or if it …

Meet Shmeat

Test-tube flesh, coming soon to a hot dog near you

In Checkout Line, Lou Bendrick cooks up answers to reader questions about how to green their food choices and other diet-related quandaries. Lettuce know what food worries keep you up at night. —– Dear Lou, …

You don't have to wait to plug-in

Review of a converted 3Prong Power plug-in Prius

The world is waiting for the major car companies to offer electric vehicles. But you — you are accustomed to instant gratification. This is America, after all, and you want to plug-in now. Well, you …

Long forgotten, chestnuts are coming back with a vengeance, and make a delicious holiday pudding

  Nuts about chestnuts.   I first learned about chestnuts from “The Christmas Song” (most likely, the Chipmunks’ version), not from tasting one. That happened much later. A couple of years ago, a farmer brought …

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