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Raise a glass to sustainability at Seattle Carrotmob event

Photo: Scott Beale / Laughing SquidToday is Earth Day. (Whoopee?) And there’s no better way to celebrate than with a nice, cold pint of beer. No, really! To make it truly Earth-Day-worthy, however, make sure you’re chugging buying it at …


The secret history of Earth Day

If 40 years of Earth Days have taught us anything, um … While the Earth Day movement has had undeniable successes, critics charge that, uh … Whatever, screw it. Here’s the “real” story (with jokes!): 1970: Twenty million Americans celebrate …


Our fourth annual Earth Day list of the year’s goodies, oddities, and inanities

The hottest eco-activist in the White House, the awesomest surprise benefit of eating locally, the manliest organic body product on the market, and more!


The band Lady Antebellum adopts green habits to last beyond Earth Day

My band — Lady Antebellum — is doing something different this year. We want to practice realistic green habits that we know we can do year-round, not just on Earth Day. We just released our latest video for a song …


A test of green(er) dishwasher detergents

Like the thorn under the rosebud, big piles of dirty dishes symbolize the tragedy of existence: pleasure (e.g., the pleasure of eating and cooking) invites pain. But dishes are more than just a symbol; they also (unfortunately) need to be …


Two Seattle film fests focus on green themes

Photo: m kasahara via Flickr.Sitting in a movie theater staring at a series of images flashing on the big screen in front of you may not seem like the most ecofriendly of activities this Earth Day weekend. But what if …


The Daily Show’s Lewis Black on Earth Day and Kids

Lewis Black deconstructed Earth Day children’s programming on last night’s The Daily Show, including a great jab at actor / MTV Cribs balla’ Wilmer Valderrama. Enjoy. 

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Emission-free TerraCabs could hit Seattle streets at no cost to you, or the planet

Lookin’ for a free ride this summer? Meet the TerraCab. This curious-looking fleet of teardrop-shaped vehicles could soon hit Seattle streets in search of ped-weary passengers. But they don’t plan to peddle greenhouse gases. TerraCabs are emission-free — powered solely …

Does Earth Day still matter?

Screw Earth Day? Not so fast

Earth Day, to be observed for the 40th time on April 22, ranks just below motherhood and ahead of baseball and apple pie on the American cultural hit parade. Gaylord Nelson.Photo: Fritz AlbertWorldwide, organizers say a billion people will observe …