Also, people who sell deodorant will make more money

Thanks for the observation, Washington Post

Today’s “I’m a journalist and I’m objective, here let me prove it to you!” gem of the day, nestled in an otherwise relevant and interesting …

Tell Us What You Flaunt, What You Really Really Flaunt

Spice Girls reunion tour will be — gasp — carbon-intensive We’ve been looking for an excuse to mention the Spice Girls reunion since it was …

Should we call them Green 5 now?

Pop band Maroon 5 launches ‘carbon neutral’ tour

Grammy-winning pop quintet Maroon 5 have teamed up with Global Cool to green their upcoming arena tour in support of their sophomore album It Won’t …

Well, tickle my magic wand

Harry Potter goes green, but what about the rest of the industry?

Ahhh, books. They’re like websites on paper, from what I gather. We wrote a while back about Harry Potter going green for the last installment …

Global warming: That's a rap!

Young rappers say ‘peace out’ to skeptics

“Glaciers melting, waters rising, sky is storming, global warming!” That’s how a rap written by a group of Vermont teens begins. And they hope it …

On the Ball: All-Star Game

Ichiro! Ichiro!

I watched the end of the MLB All-Star Game last night. I missed Ichiro Suzuki’s inside-the-park home run, alas, but did see the post-game when …

Umbra on biodegradable products

Dearest Umbra, With biodegradable corn-plastic products like clothes hangers, credit cards, and trash bags, we are led to believe there are good alternatives to plastic …

E.O. Wilson on Bill Moyers Journal

The great biologist offers thoughts both hopeful and harrowing

In a great interview with Bill Moyers, Wilson talks about his new Encyclopedia of Life project, and what it will take to spark a new green revolution. "We desperately need leadership," he says.

Here's a green Ditty for ya

More green musicians

We’ve gotten tons of emails from people who are all like “Why didn’t my fav band make your ‘15 Green Musicians and Bands‘ list, yo?” …

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