Hit the switch for Earth Hour this Saturday

CFLs everywhere will go dark Saturday night for the global Earth Hour event scheduled for 8:30 p.m. local time (wherever your locality happens to be). The aim of the annual effort — brought to us by the folks who invented …


Seattle updates recycling rules

Seattle’s adding a fourth “R” to the “reduce, reuse, recycle” mantra: required. Starting Monday, all single-family homes in the city will be required to sign up (and pay) for food/yard-waste service — though, curiously, not required to actually use it. …


Press release fun

Just got a press release that begins thusly: David, Who knew that saving the earth could be as simple as switching brands of paper towels, napkins, facial or bath tissue? And I’d been so worried!


Green Festival hits Seattle

Seattle’s Green Fest may be lacking feats of strength and the airing of grievances, but there’s plenty else to do when this “party with a purpose” hits the PacNW this weekend. Listen as presenters including actor Danny Glover, Seattle Mayor …


Umbra on burning wood and gas

Hey Umbra, I’m from Quebec and there is a movement underway to prohibit the new installation of wood burning fireplaces. I’m curious about how much carbon is produced by burning a cord of wood in a fireplace, compared to a …


Putting organic baby foods to the test

Mmm. When I had my son last year, I wasn’t lulled into thinking his body was a pure, unsullied canvas. I knew that babies are born polluted and that breast milk is full of rocket fuel. Still, it’s nice to …

Climate & Energy

This post brought to you via clean solar electricity

I’m staying with a friend in San Francisco who just recently (in the midst of doing a massive renovation of his 1870s row house) put up a solar PV system on his roof. Two systems, actually, one to power his …

Climate & Energy

Umbra on the other greenhouse gases

Dear Umbra, I have heard and am beginning to understand one of the biggest movements of social change occurring right now: we need to reduce our carbon footprint. I have also heard that while carbon is our most abundant greenhouse …


From Wings to Wrappers

On a wing and a prayer It’s a car … it’s a plane … it’s the Terrafugia Transition. Part car and part airplane, this hybrid combines the best of two pollutey products into one scary contraption. We’re sure it’ll take …