Victoria’s Secret pledges to end use of endangered-forest paper in catalogs The parent company of sexed-up retailer Victoria’s Secret announced yesterday that it will nip a bad trend in the bud: sourcing its catalog paper from endangered forests. Succumbing to two years of pestering from ForestEthics and other green groups, U.S.-based Limited Brands agreed to stop supporting suppliers who log in at-risk boreal forest and rainforest in Alberta and British Columbia, unless the paper is Forest Stewardship Council-certified. To fill the void, the company will aim to use at least 10 percent post-consumer recycled waste in the more than 360 …

Under the Covers: Danny Seo's 'Simply Green'

The eco-Martha greens parties and gift-giving

Eco-guru Danny Seo, otherwise known as the Asian male green incarnation of Martha Stewart, has jumped headfirst this year into the world of publishing. His book Simply Green: Parties launched this summer, and now he's released the second in the series, this one focused on gift-giving. While I can't support all the ideas in the book (Dryer sheets as wrapping paper? Really?), and a few of the crafts are a bit involved (washable soap gift tags, a chandelier made from tree branches and holiday cards), some of the suggestions are ingenious. Ever thought of using old VHS video tape as ribbon? Yeah, me neither, but it actually looks pretty cool. Ditto for the fruit bowls made from those old cardboard globes (cut in half of course). Both books (Parties and Giving) are available now via Grist's new Amazon store. And we get a small cut for everything purchased there ... so get to shoppin'!

From Dancing to Dumping

Crappy feet Violence! Homosexuality! Anti-Christianity! Environmentalism! Beware the dangerous propaganda lurking in the “darkest, most disturbing feature-length animated film ever offered by a major studio.” (That, friends, is what we like to call a tap smear.) Photo: © Warner Bros. Pictures Bear ass Endangered giant pandas of the female persuasion are ready to mate for as few as 48 hours a year, leaving inexperienced man-das with quite a pickle. Enter: panda porn. Bear-chicka-bow-wow! Photo: iStockphoto Join the Mile-Highers This ad campaign reminds those who use the john in Denver to flush only what they need. And it doubles as an …

A review of Happy Feet, the wildly successful musical-penguin eco-flick

Dear Children of America, I used to be one of you. I used to beg and wheedle and whine and kick and scream to go to the cartoons. Any cartoons. Mumble channels Gregory Hines in Happy Feet. Photo: © Warner Bros. Pictures There was just something about those drawings-come-to-life (computer animation was just a twinkle in Steve Jobs’ eye back then) that I couldn’t resist, especially if the cartoon featured at least one preternaturally cute baby animal. Read Bambi, Lady and the Tramp, the Ewoks TV show. But I also used to hate entertainment-with-a-message. Even when I was in pigtails, …

Moby reflects on his new “best of” album and his not-so-new social activism

Moby stops to chat about his new album Go, and his politics. Photo: Danny Clinch Earlier this month, DJ-turned-pop-star Moby released Go, a two-disc “best of” collection featuring songs from his multi-platinum albums and a new track with vocals from Debbie Harry. But despite reaching that benchmark, this is not your typical self-indulgent star. While other musicians are jaunting across the country in multi-bus entourages, Moby has made a concerted effort this time around to limit his travels. While others have marketed their own flavor of pimp juice, reality show, or lickable cosmetics, Moby’s entrepreneurial spirit bore a vegetarian/vegan tea …

Get your goats

The newest trend for green celebs

You heard it here first, folks. A couple of weeks ago, Lance Bass spilled his green landscaping secrets (aka hungry goats) to Grist at the Environmental Media Awards. Now is reporting that Lance is touting the joys of goat-powered lawn mowing on his MySpace page. Hmmm. Could goats be on the verge of supplanting the Prius as the celebrity eco-trend du jour?


The latest hipster trend

Some folks on the right are having fun with this article about ... brace yourselves ... ecosexuals: Welcome to the latest turn of the wheel in the obsessive trend-creating machine that brought us "metrosexuals." Ecosexuals are an evolving breed of city dweller for whom keeping green is every bit as important in their romantic life as in their choice of household cleanser, dinner food, or wall paint. Sure, everyone has a checklist of qualities they want in a mate: smart, funny, good-looking, six-figure potential, listens to Beck, and so on. But now we're adding characteristics like "sexy conservationist" or "romantic recycler" to the list. It's easy to make fun of this kind of self-righteous, finicky elitism, especially reading stuff like this:

Umbra on weather-stripping

Dear Umbra, With rising heating costs on the horizon, we’re looking to install a storm door, seal gaps, etc., around the house to prevent air leaks and increase efficiency before old man winter arrives. What are some good resources (how-to’s, sustainable product suppliers, etc.) for the job? Scott Roswell, Ga. Dearest Scott, Hi-dee-ho, dee-ho, to the hardware store we go. To choose vinyl or metal, adhesive or nails, That will protect us from all the wintry gales. Reading some articles on the coming storms, Waiting to see how the caulking will perform – Now we’ll spend a little while in …


Population, that is

It's conventional wisdom that economic growth requires a growing population; thus the gnashing of teeth over shrinking numbers in, e.g., Italy. Last week, Fred Hiatt took a look at Japan, where the birthrate is down to 1.25 (2.1 is required to maintain a stable population) and the population shrank by about 21,000 last year.