Evil …

… yet mesmerizing: (ht: reader SW)

Julia styles

Julia Roberts greens up

Nothing like another child on the way to get a gal thinking about the health of the planet. Apparently, Julia Roberts, who's preggo again, is planning to green up her Malibu abode with some solar panels, recycled tiles, and sustainable wood products.

'Tis the Season (for earth and wallet-friendly beans)

Beans, beans, good for your recipe

In keeping with the recent topics of eating low on the food chain for environmental reasons (e.g., beans instead of meat) and cooking for a crowd, I dug out an old recipe for a curried red lentil soup with an apple cider or pear juice base, so I could double it to serve 10-12 people instead of 5-6. I've always been told that to double a recipe, you should double the basic ingredients but not the spices. What I do is adjust the spices by slowly adding small increments and tasting the results. The amounts that work usually do turn out to be less than twice the original.

I just cringed so hard I threw my shoulder out


‘Supporting global warming initiatives is tantamount to endorsing communism and the one world order’

Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Lawyers instead of engineers

As a warm-up for suing California over fuel-economy standards, automakers are … suing Vermont over fuel-economy standards.

Dirty money

And Rainforest Action Network has the soap.  Get scrubbing.

Playing with food

Er, food data that is

I'm not much of a gourmand, but I do love to play with food. Well, food data, anyway. So when I happened upon the Food System Factoids blog, I totally pigged out. The menu may not be for everyone, but if you have a craving for analyses of food pricing trends, or evaluations of carbon emissions from U.S. agriculture, you'll find plenty to satisfy. Take, for instance, this post on the relative change in prices of soft drinks and processed fats vs. fruits and veggies. The data's a bit old now, but what a story. From 1985 to 2000, the real, inflation-adjusted cost of fresh fruits and veggies went up almost 40 percent, while the costs of soft drinks went down by nearly a quarter.

From Hogs to Hogwarts

Tee party Check out these biker-chic tops made from bamboo and printed with PVC-free ink. Perfect for the beach. Or climbing trees with your twin. Or humping posts. Or awkwardly leaping. So basically, what we do every day. Photo: Chopper Couture Déjà poo Things to look forward to: cavorting on cow crap and expounding on elephant excrement. Really — what can’t poo do? Photo: iStockphoto Whee! Is that a solar-powered Wii? Oui! Who’s into it? We! And these wee cell-phone lederhosen are green — but they don’t look WEEE-cyclable. Wienerschnitzel! Photo: Plane, plane, go away Want to minimize your …

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