You gotta hand it to Charles G. Koch: The guy’s got chutzpah.

Charles is the one on the left, not that it matters.

This morning, the Wall Street Journal ran an opinion piece from the infamous CEO of Koch Industries, the oil and gas (and many other things) giant that Forbes pegged as the second-largest private company in the world in 2010. The topic of the piece? The dangers of “crony capitalism,” the again-in-vogue term used by the right to assail the president’s efforts to subsidize anything that the right doesn’t like. (He wrote something similar last year; here’s Mother Jones’ excellent takedown of that one.)

Let’s see what the honorable Mr. Koch has to say today, shall we? Some selected excerpts.

Businesses have failed to make the case that government policy—not business greed—has caused many of our current problems. To understand the dreadful condition of our economy, look no further than mandates such as the Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac “affordable housing” quotas, directives such as the Community Reinvestment Act, and the Federal Reserve’s artificial, below-market interest-rate policy.