MacArthur winner wants to make clean energy with fake leaves

Unlike solar panels, artificial leaves store their own energy.


Is the West Antarctic ice sheet collapsing? These scientists want to go find out

Bad weather conditions on Thwaites Glacier make it a dangerous place to visit, but we need more than satellite data to understand how it's melting.

Climate & Energy

Want to slow climate change? Stop killing sharks

Shark culling could cut back the ocean's ability to sequester carbon along its coastlines, thus accelerating climate change.


Even scientists who don’t study the climate think climate change is a big deal

A new study shows that 92 percent of scientists from other disciplines say anthropogenic climate change is a thing.

Climate & Energy

Can game theory predict what will happen at the U.N. climate negotiations?

A team of researchers is trying to call the outcome of the Paris climate talks using complex economic models.


The rising oceans could drown a lot of NASA launch sites

The agency's five coastal facilities can expect between 5 and 27 inches of sea level rise by 2050.


Too bad NASA’s plan for space-based solar never happened

It involved 60 orbiting power stations and something called a Star-Raker.


A huge amount of air pollution comes from farming, not just power plants

A new study shows that ammonia emissions contribute to 3.3 million annual air pollution deaths.

Business & Technology

We need better home energy storage. These companies are working on it

Better battery technology could raise the prospects of an off-grid revolution.