Money doesn’t matter: White people breathe cleaner air

Too often, your access to fresh air depends on your skin color.

Miami GOP mayor gives Marco Rubio a chance to lead on climate, and Rubio fails miserably

Marco Rubio: "Well, sure, the climate is changing and one of the reasons why the climate is changing is the climate has always been changing."

Obama and Trudeau take a big step on methane

Bros before oil and gas CEOs.

Here are Big Oil’s favorite presidential candidates

Hillary Clinton and Ted Cruz are both getting fossil fuel money, but one of them is getting a lot more of it.

Obama and Trudeau promise to lead the transition to a low-carbon global economy

The U.S. and Canada committed to a range of climate actions, such as cutting emissions and protecting indigenous communities.

Climate hawks endorse Bernie by yuge margin

It wasn't even a close race.

No Kidding

Should kids be able to sue for a safe climate? This federal court is about to decide

A U.S. District Court in Eugene, Ore., considers hearing the case of 21 youth plaintiffs.

Instead of comparing hand size, Clinton and Sanders debate climate plans

You know what they say about small climate plans...

Humans have been causing record-breaking heat since 1937

Computer simulations show that a series of extreme heat events dating back to the '30s probably wouldn't have happened without our influence.