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Chevron CEO admits fracking raises “legitimate” safety concerns

Energy producers should adopt tougher standards to allay public concern, says Chevron boss John Watson. Of course, his own company doesn't have a great record on that front.


Bee-killing pesticide companies are pretending to save bees

Bayer and Syngenta, makers of neonicotinoid pesticides that are particularly threatening to bees, are touting their investments in bee health and research.

Climate & Energy

Yes Men prank the Chamber of Commerce — and get away with it

Four years ago, the Yes Men enraged the business group by impersonating it at a fake news conference supporting climate legislation. Now the chamber has finally dropped its lawsuit over the stunt.


Say bye-bye to cheap food

Climate change, degraded land, growing populations, and rising energy costs will continue to bite into the affordability of food, the U.N. is warning.

Climate & Energy

BP stops cleanup in three Gulf states — and starts funding a new beachfront hotel

As cleanup efforts conclude (despite tar balls still washing ashore), the focus turns to coastal restoration. Does a hotel count as coastal restoration?

Climate & Energy

Coal companies get sweetheart deals on federal leases, shortchange taxpayers

The Bureau of Land Management is undercharging coal companies for mining rights, costing the U.S. treasury tens of millions of dollars, says the Interior Department's inspector general.

Climate & Energy

Bloomberg unveils ambitious plan to protect NYC from climate change

The plan, estimated to cost $20 billion, covers everything from erecting bulkheads and levees to retrofitting old buildings to protecting the city’s power infrastructure.

Climate & Energy

Here’s how the world can get on track with climate goals

Greenhouse gas emissions continue to rise and climate talks continue to fail, but there are still things we can do to avoid climate apocalypse. Here are four of them.

Climate & Energy

NOAA weather-monitoring program hit by sequester cuts

After its plan to meet sequester demands by furloughing weather forecasters was nixed, NOAA is proposing to take funds away from a state-of-the-art satellite program.

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