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Fight over frac-sand mining heads to the polls

Voters in a Wisconsin town are trying to throw out the mayor and two city council members who want to allow sand mining in city limits.

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Ozone layer will take five more decades to fully recover

It's been more than 20 years since the Montreal Protocol was signed, and scientists say it'll be another 70 years before the ozone layer fully heals.

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BP targets celebrity chef Emeril Lagasse over oil-spill claims

The oil giant doesn't want to pay a restaurant company more than $8 million for Deepwater Horizon damages, so it's trying to embarrass its boss.


GMO labeling becomes law in Connecticut

The new law will require food manufacturers to label anything with GMO ingredients -- but it will only take effect if other states follow suit.

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Every “serious environmentalist” must support fracking? Seriously?

Physicist and former climate denier Richard Muller is now gung ho about natural gas, and he thinks you should be too.

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Are Brits going to get screwed by pricey nuclear power?

The U.K. plans to allow a new nuclear plant to charge double the market rate for electricity. The E.U. is investigating whether that amounts to illegal government aid to a company.

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America’s new cars are more fuel-efficient than ever before

The average model-year 2012 vehicle got 23.6 miles per gallon -- still pretty lame, but 1.2 mpg better than the previous year.


Oil and gas drilling waste is being spread over New York roads as de-icer

The salty waste makes roads less slippery, but environmentalists warn that it contains nasty chemicals and radiation.

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Dallas — yes, Dallas — bans fracking in most of the city

J.R. Ewing must be rolling in his grave. The third largest city in Texas will now prohibit fracking within 1,500 feet of a home or school.