Welcome, aliens! Wait, just gimme a sec to clean up

We found a new planet that could support life. If not for ourselves, then for our hypothetical new friends: Let's clean this place up a little.

Polar Pioneer

Shell gets the final go-ahead to drill in the Arctic

The Obama administration says sure, go for it. Hey, what could go wrong?

wind turbines and American flag

Wind power could get its tax breaks back

The Senate is moving toward restoring a key tax credit for the wind energy industry. But the House might not play along.

Pope Francis

Pope hangs out with mayors, gets them to make climate pledges

Sixty mayors from around the world gathered at the Vatican and got encouragement from Pope Francis for their plans to cut CO2 emissions.

Fossil fuel emissions want to ruin carbon dating, too

The emissions don't have any radioactive carbon, so dating artifacts could become a lot more difficult.

This is likely when people started eating chicken

People have kept chickens for cockfighting for thousands of years. Eating them is a different story.

Big trouble ahead for ocean’s tiny microbes

A new study shows that ocean acidification could drastically impact the world's phytoplankton populations.

John Oliver wants America to clean its plate

The Last Week Tonight host says we have an embarrassing food waste problem.

coal and money

Coal company demonstrates impressive feats of climate denial

A document by Peabody Energy argues that “there are no demonstrated foreseeable effects of any GHG emissions.”