Business & Technology

Palm oil: Bad for workers as well as orangutans

The environmental sins of the palm oil industry are well known, but its egregious human-rights abuses have been overlooked -- until now.

Climate & Energy

Arctic methane escape could cost $60 trillion

The melting Arctic will unleash a massive amount of methane, causing financial damages nearly equivalent to a year's worth of worldwide economic activity.

Climate & Energy

Big Oil sued for destroying wetlands around Gulf of Mexico

A Louisiana flood control agency is seeking billions from BP, ExxonMobil, and other oil giants to fund restoration efforts.

Climate & Energy

Forget solar panels, here come building-integrated photovoltaics

A growing number of architects and builders are incorporating photovoltaics directly into walls, roofs, and windows.

Climate & Energy

Another drilling blowout in the Gulf, another explosion

A well off the Louisiana coast blew out on Tuesday, sending out a cloud of natural gas that exploded into a fire, engulfing the drilling platform.

Climate & Energy

Mink will be trapped to right the wrongs of Exxon Valdez

Nearly 25 years after the Exxon Valdez disaster, pigeon guillemots are still not recovering. To help them out, the feds plan to trap some of their predators.

Climate & Energy

Alaska’s latest climate worries: Massive wildfires and gushing glaciers

Alaska faces more severe and frequent wildfires in the years to come. Meanwhile, its Mendenhall Glacier keeps releasing sudden surges of water.


As citrus disease spreads, government cryopreserves tree roots

With a bacterial disease threatening the country's citrus industry, USDA scientists are flash-freezing tree roots in case they need to be regrown in the future.


Historic lawsuit alleges ag-gag is unconstitutional

Ag-gag laws bar people from recording what happens at factory farms. Utah's ag-gag law is being challenged in the first lawsuit of its kind.