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BMW’s i3 electric car earns gushing praise

The lightweight BMW i3, designed for urban living, will sell for $42,350 before a federal EV rebate of $7,500. Critics love it.


Company to start slaughtering horses next week, despite arson and lawsuit

The Valley Meat Co. in New Mexico plans to begin killing horses for meat, unswayed by a legal challenge and an apparent arson attack.


You get my drift? Pesticides cause big problems when they go where they’re not wanted

Too many pesticide-spraying crop dusters are accidentally missing their targets, killing neighbors' crops and making people sick.

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$100 million worth of natural gas goes up in flames every month in North Dakota

Drillers in the state don't have an easy way to get their natural gas to market, so nearly a third of it is being flared off, i.e. totally wasted.

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EPA chief: Stop saying environmental regs kill jobs

Gina McCarthy, in her first speech as EPA administrator, pushes home the point that curbing carbon pollution will spark business innovation.

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Thai tourist paradise wrecked by oil spill

Idyllic beaches in Thailand have been deserted after an oil pipeline ruptured, coating the shorelines with crude.

Pesticides are blowing into California’s mountains, poisoning frogs

Agricultural chemicals are accumulating in frog tissue in the Sierra Nevadas -- the same kinds of chemicals that are sprayed over crops in California's Central Valley.

Gulf of Mexico dead zone is big, but not record-breaking big

A 5,800-square-mile area of the Gulf of Mexico is dead this year, starved of oxygen. That's terrible, but not as terrible as had been feared.

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Leak-prone oil tankers to remain on American train tracks for now

The Obama administration has announced another delay in better regulating the type of disaster-prone rail cars that exploded in Quebec earlier this month.