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Court rescues Belizean coral from offshore oil drillers

Belize's Supreme Court overturned government contracts that would have allowed a spectacular reef area to be drilled for oil.

Climate & Energy

Peabody Energy screwing former coal workers out of health care

Peabody created a spinoff company that took on the liability to provide health care for its retired workers. Now the spinoff has declared bankruptcy.


One ag-gag bill is dead in California, another is approved in Tennessee

These bills, which hamstring activists who try to document farm-animal abuse, are spreading across the country, but California refuses to play along.


Fertilizer facility blast in Texas claims multiple lives, destroys homes

A fertilizer plant exploded in rural Texas on Wednesday evening, killing at least five people and injuring more than 160.

Climate & Energy

10 states to sue Obama admin for dragging feet on climate rules

The EPA has missed a deadline for regulating new power plants, and a coalition of states, cities, and green groups is fed up with delays.

Climate & Energy

BP oil spill cleanup continues, three years after blowout

Tar balls and oil mats are still tarnishing Gulf Coast beaches, and BP is still refusing to take full responsibility and pay for full restoration.

Climate & Energy

Indiana lawmakers, who are also coal company execs, help coal industry

A plan to build a pricey coal-gasification plant is getting help from not-so-impartial legislators. Hoosiers could get hosed as a result.

Climate & Energy

European leaders let cap-and-trade flounder

The European Union's carbon-trading system is no longer working effectively, and the E.U. parliament on Tuesday voted against fixing it.

Climate & Energy

Activists to Interior: Stop letting coal companies pillage our land, atmosphere, and treasury

Green groups are calling on the Obama administration to stop selling off publicly owned coal at bargain-basement prices to rapacious energy companies.

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