Dead zone could break records in Gulf this year

Heavy farm runoff and heavy rainfall could lead to a New Jersey-sized dead zone in the Gulf of Mexico this year. The news for Chesapeake Bay is more upbeat.

Climate & Energy

China begins carbon trading

China took its first step toward a national carbon-trading system on Tuesday, launching a pilot project in the city of Shenzhen.

Climate & Energy

Keystone XL won’t use state-of-the-art spill technology

TransCanada plans to stick with older spill-detection systems on the pipeline, ignoring EPA's recommendation that it upgrade to more advanced equipment.

Climate & Energy

Chinese science academy slaps down climate-denying Heartland Institute

Heartland claimed that Chinese scientists were subscribing to its skeptical climate views. The Chinese Academy of Sciences denounced that claim as "false."

Business & Technology

Indianapolis to get nation’s largest EV sharing program

A French company plans to bring 500 electric cars and 1,200 charging stations to Indiana's capital, starting next year.


Obama says a climate plan is coming next month, so climate hawks delay lawsuit

Ten states and three enviro groups were about to sue the administration over its delay of climate rules for new power plants. Now they're giving the president a short reprieve.

Climate & Energy

Facing climate reality, cities look for ways to adapt

As stronger storms brew and sea levels rise, city leaders figure they’d better prepare for the worst.

Climate & Energy

Wind farms seek federal OK to kill eagles, pissing off both left and right

Wind developers want to be allowed to kill a few eagles. Conservationists say this is unnecessary. Right wingers are delighted to spread negative news about renewable energy.

Business & Technology

Nicaragua OKs plan for cross-country canal, environment be damned

Lawmakers have given a Hong Kong company rights to build a canal intended to rival Panama's. As you might imagine, there would be huge eco-downsides.