Japan and other nations say no to U.S. wheat, worried about GMOs

After a rogue strain of Monsanto's GMO wheat was found on an Oregon farm, countries in Europe and Asia are acting to ensure their food supplies aren't tainted.


Frankensalmon could breed with trout, produce frankentrout

If GMO salmon escape, scientists say they could breed with brown trout, creating monster trout that outgrow normal fish and outcompete them for food.


Smithfield, world’s largest pork producer, could be sold to a Chinese company

The potential deal provokes concern about everything from food safety to foreign financial control to increasing corporate consolidation of the food system.

Climate & Energy

Most Americans don’t give a frack about fracking

Fifty-eight percent have no opinion on fracking, according to a survey. Among those who do, conservatives tend to like it and liberals tend not to.

Climate & Energy

Local elections in Washington state are big deal for coal industry and global climate

Enviros and the coal industry are paying close attention to a county council race that will determine whether a big coal-export terminal gets built.


Illegal Monsanto GMO wheat found in Oregon

Monsanto tested a GMO wheat strain a decade ago but gave it up and never got it approved. Now it's invaded a field in Oregon, which could be bad news for America's wheat exporters.


Bike culture: Not as white as you think

A new report spotlights a decade of rapid growth in biking among communities of color. Now it's time for infrastructure to catch up.

Climate & Energy

Coal is rebounding, natural gas prices are up, and the world’s oil cartel is quite content

Times are good for the merchants of fossil fuels, with coal and natural gas prices on the rise and OPEC crowing about high demand for oil.

Business & Technology

Crappy solar panels threaten industry growth

The New York Times reports on a rise in defective solar panels. Experts blame the problems on cost-cutting Chinese firms.