Climate & Energy

The White House goes solar — again

The move comes three decades after Jimmy Carter put solar panels on the White House roof, and three years after the Obama administration promised to do the same.

Climate & Energy

Australian floods lowered worldwide sea levels

Scientists have been puzzled by a drop in worldwide sea levels in 2011. New research suggests that deluges in Australia were largely responsible.

Climate & Energy

Vermont can’t shut down nuke plant, court says

State lawmakers concerned about radioactive leaks want the Vermont Yankee nuclear plant shut down, but a federal court ruled that's beyond their power.

Climate & Energy

Fracking company wants to build new pipeline — for water

Should an energy company be allowed to suck millions of gallons a day from the Ohio River?

Business & Technology

A win-Winco situation: Grocery chain treats employees well and has low prices

Boise, Idaho-based WinCo could teach Walmart a thing or two. And the regional grocery-store chain is expanding.

Climate & Energy

Cutting soot and methane emissions would not help the climate as much as hoped

The U.S. has been working with other nations to reduce short-lived climate pollutants, but new research suggests this strategy will have limited success.

Climate & Energy

Kochs must move their massive piles of tar-sands waste, Detroit mayor says

Petcoke has been piling up on Detroit's riverfront near a refinery processing tar-sands oil from Canada, but the city has finally had enough.

Climate & Energy

A royal(ty) scam: How oil and gas companies shortchange landowners

Energy companies work the system so that landowners who lease drilling rights to their property rarely see royalties as high as expected.


“Bee-friendly” plants could be bee killers

Half of a sampling of "bee-friendly" plants purchased from major retailers tested positive for bee-killing neonic pesticides, according to a new report.