The GOP’s three-step plan for being loved

We wish them all the success in the world.

Business & Technology

With pipelines at a premium, fossil-fuel companies get creative

Canadian oil is having trouble getting south (thanks, Keystone protesters!), so pipeline companies might convert natural-gas pipelines to crude.


Meet Bob Perciasepe, acting EPA administrator

What we know about him: He can use Twitter; he is friendly.

Climate & Energy

Another sign of the apocalypse: Coal is making a comeback in the U.S.

Natural gas is losing market share in electricity generation again, as prices increase.


Obama confirms: No big moves on climate in the works

As we suggested earlier this week, the president's threat to work around Congress lacks teeth.

Climate & Energy

Ohio fracking company owner faces federal charges for dumping wastewater

D&L Energy was caught red-handed dumping tens of thousands of gallons of fracking wastewater into an Ohio sewer.

Business & Technology

Tesla offers incomplete, misdirected response to New York Times critique

A much-discussed blog post has Tesla punching relentlessly against the wrong opponent -- and losing.


New Jersey officials arrested for conspiring to hide water pollution

By preventing testing of polluted wells, the directors of a Northern New Jersey water board masked how bad the problem was.

Climate & Energy

Japan and the Ukraine will now remind you why nuclear power makes you nervous

New health worries at Fukushima, and a collapsing building at Chernobyl.

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