Climate & Energy

Quick, change the channel! Al Jazeera is talking about the environment again

While most American TV networks are ignoring climate change, Al Jazeera America is taking climate and environmental issues seriously.

Climate & Energy

India plans world’s biggest solar project, but money is a hurdle

The solar array would be larger than Manhattan and cost $4.4 billion. India is hitting up the World Bank for a great big loan to get it started.

Climate & Energy

Climate change has turned southern England into a soggy teabag

The storms and flooding just won't end in England, where the government is warning of the links between record-breaking weather and global warming.

Business & Technology

Duke Energy belatedly pledges to overhaul coal-ash storage, after destroying river

Enviros have been pushing for years to get the company to clean up its act. All it took was an environmental disaster.


Food giants try to hijack GMO-labeling issue

They're banding together to quash state-level labeling campaigns, pushing instead for national labeling standards -- but only voluntary ones.

Climate & Energy

Frackers are guzzling water in drought-plagued areas

Most of the fracking underway in the U.S. is occurring in regions that are experiencing water stress.

Climate & Energy

Russia locks up enviros who criticized Olympic construction

Just as the Games kick off, Russia has jailed two activists who were about to publish a report on damage caused by Olympic preparations.


A Big Oil foe runs for Congress — as a Republican

Monte Shaw, head of the Iowa Renewable Fuels Association, hates Big Oil, which is refreshing -- but he loves the ethanol industry, which is not so refreshing.

Climate & Energy

Pennsylvania to start fracking sensitive state forestland

Nearly half of Pennsylvania's shale-rich state forests have been leased to frackers. The state's Republican governor thinks that's not enough.