Climate & Energy

Fukushima meltdown appears to have sickened American infants

Babies born in Alaska, California, Hawaii, Oregon, and Washington soon after the Fukushima meltdown were more likely to be afflicted with congenital hypothyroidism.

Business & Technology

Subaru finally introduces a hybrid; crunchy yuppies rejoice

Just 16 years after Toyota first started selling the Prius, Subaru has unveiled its own hybrid. Urban hipsters and Portlanders are excited.


Pesticide makers want you to save the bees

Manufacturers of bee-killing pesticides say their products are safe -- and they think you should be doing more to help pollinators.

Climate & Energy

Gas fracked in America will help keep the British warm

The U.K. is running short of natural gas, so one of America's charitable fracking companies plans to send lots their way by tanker ship.

Climate & Energy

New gasoline rules are good for your lungs and bad for Big Oil

The Obama administration is proposing to slash sulfur content in gasoline by two-thirds, improving your air and pissing off oil execs.

Climate & Energy

Frackers dodge responsibility for earthquakes, science be damned

Substantial evidence has linked fracking to earthshaking. What now, oil and gas?

Climate & Energy

Colorado lawmakers want to jack up ridiculously low oil-spill fines

While a "natural-gas liquid" continues to mysteriously gush near a Colorado creek, legislators introduce a bill to raise fines for spills.


Flies that eat organic live longer, make more fly babies

Organic food may not be proven best for humans, but a new study points to it being best for the little bugs that annoy humans.

Climate & Energy

How to power America with renewables on the cheap: Build a shit ton of wind and solar capacity

The U.S. could get virtually all of its electricity from clean sources by building a “seemingly excessive” amount of capacity, a new study finds.