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Pennsylvania’s ag-gag law could protect frackers

A bill in the state House would not only shield animal abusers from activists -- it could also shield natural-gas companies.


Vermont House passes GMO-labeling law

If the Senate and the governor approve, Vermont could become the first state in the nation to require labeling of genetically modified foods.


Supreme Court hands a big win to Monsanto on GMO seeds

The court ruled unanimously that an Indiana soybean farmer violated Monsanto’s patent by saving its trademark Roundup Ready seeds.

Climate & Energy

Lots of people, animals, and plants will be homeless thanks to climate change

Hundreds of millions of people will likely be forced out of their homes by climate change, and 34 percent of animals could lose half their range.


Obama may delay Keystone decision until 2014

The Obama administration has been procrastinating its decision on Keystone XL for years -- and now it may kick the can even further down the road.

Climate & Energy

Monster ice sheets destroy homes, terrorize residents

The fast-moving ice was whipped up from melting lakes and pushed ashore by strong winds in Minnesota and Manitoba. See crazy video.

CO2 crosses dreaded 400 ppm milestone, and science is very disappointed in you

As predicted, human activities finally push carbon dioxide levels to a 3-million-year high. Climate scientists throw up their hands in exasperation.

Climate & Energy

$1.9 billion wind project coming to Iowa

One of Warren Buffet's companies has big plans to build turbines in Iowa, creating lots of jobs and lowering electricity bills.

Climate & Energy

Shell to drill world’s deepest offshore oil well in Gulf of Mexico

It will be about twice as deep as BP's Deepwater Horizon. But, hey, nothing to worry about.