Climate & Energy

Cluefulness on climate change is on the rise, even among Republicans

Two-thirds of Americans now know that the globe is warming, including 51 percent of Republicans, according to new polling.

Climate & Energy

Pollution spurs more Chinese protests than any other issue

Rage over environmental abuses has become the leading cause of riots and civil unrest in China.


New bill would crack down on fish fraud

Rep. Ed Markey (D-Mass.) has introduced legislation that would track fish from ocean to plate to help diners know what they're eating.

Climate & Energy

Schools across the U.S. will soon start teaching real climate science

Thanks to new science education standards, most of America's students will learn about climate change during science class.

Climate & Energy

Superstorm Sandy aid dollars go to rebuilding in flood-prone areas

The vast majority of federal loans to rebuild in New York City and New Jersey post-Sandy are going to properties in flood zones.


BUILD Act could make it easier to green toxic brownfields

A bipartisan Senate bill would help the EPA and local communities clean up contaminated sites -- good news for the economy and the environment.

Climate & Energy

California town could require solar power on every new house

If the mayor gets his way, the desert town of Lancaster in Southern California would set a precedent for other sunny cities.

Business & Technology

BP officially quits the solar business

So much for the oil giant's "Beyond Petroleum" branding and sunburst logo. Meanwhile, Chinese solar companies are having troubles of their own.


Bacon is really bad for you

Eating too much processed meat makes you more likely to be killed by a heart attack or cancer, a new study finds.

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