Climate & Energy

Atlantic coastal waters are the hottest since measurements began

Temperatures in the Atlantic Ocean from Maine to North Carolina were nearly three degrees warmer last year than the 30-year average.


Go (slightly) greener by getting your groceries delivered

You could halve the carbon footprint of your grocery shopping by sitting back and letting somebody else deliver the goods to your door, a new study finds.

Climate & Energy

ExxonMobil’s tar-sands pipeline leaks again

The same ExxonMobil pipeline that made a big mess a month ago in Mayflower, Ark., has now spilled into a yard in Missouri.


Climate hawk Markey wins primary, moves one step closer to Senate

Rep. Ed Markey won the Democratic primary for Massachusetts’ special Senate election, thanks in part to help from greens, and is favored to win the general election.


Climate-denying GOP rep wants to take science-funding decisions away from scientists

Rep. Lamar Smith of Texas has drafted a bill that would let Congress set the criteria for grants awarded by the National Science Foundation.

Climate & Energy

Uranium mining is coming soon to the Grand Canyon area

Last year, Obama banned mines near the Grand Canyon, but one Canadian company has successfully argued that it should be allowed to mine anyway.

Climate & Energy

Climate change hurts women. Wall Street Journal sneers.

Democrats pointed out that climate change disproportionately affects women, especially poor women in developing countries. Right-wing media outlets thought that was funny.

Climate & Energy

New Mexico county is first in the nation to ban all drilling and fracking

Mora County has also adopted a bill of rights asserting its local autonomy, essentially telling state and federal officials and corporations to piss off.

Climate & Energy

Anti-Keystone ads banned by Facebook

CREDO tried to run an ad on Facebook calling on Mark Zuckerberg to pull his backing from a TV ad that talks up Keystone XL. Facebook nixed the CREDO ad.