Obama wants to spend $1 billion on climate adaptation

The president has proposed a "climate resilience fund" that would help the nation get ready for big changes.

Climate & Energy

You don’t have to live on a coast to get flooded out by climate change

Landlocked Zimbabwe has been experiencing worsening droughts and worsening floods. Right now the floods are the big problem.


Russian enviro who criticized Olympics sentenced to three years of forced labor

Yevgeny Vitishko publicized the appalling environmental damage caused by Olympic preparations, and Russian officials didn't like that.


New York, California move to ban beauty products containing microbeads

The microscopic balls of hard plastic flow down drains, get into rivers and oceans, and enter the food chain. Yuck.

Climate & Energy

Oil spills break fishes’ hearts

BP's Deepwater Horizon spill messed with the heart function of tuna, according to research published on Valentine's Day.

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Just a fracking well exploding into flames — nothing to see here!

On Tuesday, a Chevron natural gas fracking well in Greene County, Pa., burst into flames. More than 72 hours later, it’s still burning.

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America’s natural gas system is super-leaky, and that’s bad news for the climate

The leaks are so egregious that it would actually be better for the climate to run buses on diesel than on natural gas, according to a new study.

Climate & Energy

Solar is keeping California’s lights on as hydro dries up

The drought in California is causing rivers to shrivel and, with them, hydroelectric supplies. But never fear, solar power is here!


Your tea won’t taste so good after you read this

Labor abuses, dangerous pesticide practices, and other problems are widespread at 24 Tetley tea plantations in India.