Business & Technology

Solar plane completes cross-country trip despite torn wing

The Solar Impulse landed in New York late Saturday, finishing a historic, 3,500-mile stop-and-start journey across the U.S.

Climate & Energy

Train explosion in Quebec stokes debate about oil transport

The deadly accident in Lac-Megantic has some people arguing that pipelines are safer than rail for transporting oil. The argument misses the point.

Climate & Energy

Solar-powered sedan hits Dutch streets

Stella is a solar-powered prototype car with a range of 270 miles, room for four plus luggage -- and a steering wheel that swells and shrinks.

Climate & Energy

U.K. throws party for world’s biggest offshore wind farm

In the Thames Estuary, 175 turbines are providing enough electricity to power nearly 500,000 homes.

Climate & Energy

Biofuel program could invite giant grass invasion

American farmers can now start growing humongous 20-foot-tall grasses to produce biofuel under a federal clean energy program.


Pepsi: Cancer for a new generation?

Pepsi still contains caramel coloring that has been shown to cause cancer in rats, more than a year after it promised a national phaseout.

Climate & Energy

Climate change could be leading to more El Ninos

El Niño events appear to have become more commonplace as the globe has warmed, a new study finds. Meanwhile, another study could make El Niños easier to predict.

Climate & Energy

Volcanic rock may be used as giant wind-energy battery

Surplus power from wind turbines could be stored in underground porous rocks produced by volcanic eruptions, say scientists in the Northwest.

Climate & Energy

Nothing to sneeze at: Climate change is making your allergies worse

Allergy doctors across the country report an uptick in patient visits, and scientists are straightforward about the climate connection.