U.N. launches new fight against food waste

Anywhere from a third to half of all food produced gets chucked. What are we gonna do about it?


Holy mackerel: Tiny fishes no longer sustainable in E.U.

Europe overfished one of its most sustainable fishes, which -- surprise! -- made them not so sustainable anymore.


A be-nice, don’t-hog-the-road guide for cyclists

Transportation Alternatives has a new guide on how to bike within the law, and with courtesy and compassion.

Business & Technology

Nebraska governor signs off on new Keystone XL pipeline route; TransCanada laughs maniacally

One of the last obstacles to building the pipeline is now removed.

Business & Technology

Exxon makes up with Iraq just in time for the discovery of a billion barrels of oil

The company's recent deal with Kurdistan angered Iraqi leaders. The new discovery shows the value to Exxon in making amends.

Climate & Energy

Will this be the year that Davos attendees fight to protect the climate?

A new report from the World Economic Forum suggests that $14 trillion in investment is needed to halt climate change. Will it happen?

Climate & Energy

America doesn’t import its oil from where you think it does

And the source of oil differs depending on the region of the country you live in.

Climate & Energy

140 nations — including the U.S. — agree on treaty to slash use of mercury

The U.N. agreement -- still to be signed -- would cut mercury in power production and common manufacturing processes.


Good news for Kabul’s Tourism Bureau: The city’s air is unhealthy, but not full of feces

It is, however, unsafe to breathe.

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