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Frackers dodge responsibility for earthquakes, science be damned

Substantial evidence has linked fracking to earthshaking. What now, oil and gas?

Climate & Energy

Colorado lawmakers want to jack up ridiculously low oil-spill fines

While a "natural-gas liquid" continues to mysteriously gush near a Colorado creek, legislators introduce a bill to raise fines for spills.


Flies that eat organic live longer, make more fly babies

Organic food may not be proven best for humans, but a new study points to it being best for the little bugs that annoy humans.

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How to power America with renewables on the cheap: Build a shit ton of wind and solar capacity

The U.S. could get virtually all of its electricity from clean sources by building a “seemingly excessive” amount of capacity, a new study finds.

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America’s wildlife to get some moving help as climate changes

Plants, birds, fish, and other wildlife are on the march, looking for new homes as the climate changes. The Obama administration wants to help.

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Energy secretary nominee Ernest Moniz has deep ties to oil, gas, and nuclear industries

He's served on advisory boards for BP, GE, and a uranium company, and the center he runs at MIT gets corporate funding from Shell and Chevron.

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Chris Christie slams ‘selfish’ homeowners blocking coastal protection measures

In the wake of Superstorm Sandy, some owners of oceanfront properties in New Jersey are stymieing efforts to build sand dunes to block storm surges. They're worried about views and privacy.

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Oil industry likely triggered big 2011 Oklahoma earthquake, scientists find

The pumping of oil-drilling wastewater underground probably induced a series of earthquakes in Oklahoma, according to new research.

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Climate change is killing the corn cob pipe

Higher temperatures and drought are hurting the quality of corn cobs and causing trouble for the country's last corn cob pipe producer.