Climate & Energy

Proposed wind farm gets the OK to kill bald eagles, which will definitely not backfire

There's no way that the government giving approval to kill bald eagles would be used against the wind industry, right?

Climate & Energy

Soot is the second-most dangerous global warming pollutant

New findings suggest that particulate emissions pose a serious threat to the climate.

Climate & Energy

Idle No More: A primer on the indigenous green movement

The grassroots Idle No More movement is taking on green issues worldwide.

Climate & Energy

Japan plans world’s largest offshore wind farm near Fukushima

Having for some reason soured on nuclear power.


USDA offers up new seed money for small farmers

The new $35,000 loans could help bolster small, local farming outfits.


Sandy aid passes the House, no thanks to a few states

After only 80 days of feet-dragging, real relief is headed for the East Coast.


Crop insurance claims likely to hit $16 billion in wake of 2012 drought

Raising two questions: Can we cut costs? And: What happens when such drought becomes the norm?


Interior Secretary Salazar to step down

We'll remember him for opening federal land to renewable development and, sadly, for letting Shell drill in the Arctic.

Virginia AG Cuccinelli leads charge to yank renewable energy credits

It's certainly got nothing to do with his political ambitions, of course.

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