Want to win over young voters? Get serious about climate action

Eight in 10 young voters support Obama's climate plan, and three-quarters describe climate deniers as "ignorant," "out of touch," or "crazy."

Climate & Energy

Antarctica’s permafrost is melting

A cliff of Antarctic ice is wasting away 10 times faster than it had in recent geological history, a new study says, and that could be bad news for the whole continent.

Climate & Energy

Court tells Transocean to stop obstructing Deepwater Horizon investigation

Transocean has been refusing to hand over documents to the federal government, but now a federal appeals court says it must.

Climate & Energy

China to spend big to clean up its air

After air pollution reached sickening new heights earlier this year, the government now says it will spend $277 billion to tackle the problem.

Business & Technology

Palm oil: Bad for workers as well as orangutans

The environmental sins of the palm oil industry are well known, but its egregious human-rights abuses have been overlooked -- until now.

Climate & Energy

Arctic methane escape could cost $60 trillion

The melting Arctic will unleash a massive amount of methane, causing financial damages nearly equivalent to a year's worth of worldwide economic activity.

Climate & Energy

Big Oil sued for destroying wetlands around Gulf of Mexico

A Louisiana flood control agency is seeking billions from BP, ExxonMobil, and other oil giants to fund restoration efforts.

Climate & Energy

Forget solar panels, here come building-integrated photovoltaics

A growing number of architects and builders are incorporating photovoltaics directly into walls, roofs, and windows.

Climate & Energy

Another drilling blowout in the Gulf, another explosion

A well off the Louisiana coast blew out on Tuesday, sending out a cloud of natural gas that exploded into a fire, engulfing the drilling platform.