Climate & Energy

Exelon issues dumbest threat in the history of dumb threats

Guys, we don't want to scare you, but building more wind turbines might kill off nuclear plants.


New York might allow public input on fracking study; Yoko doesn’t wait

And if the governor doesn't allow public comment, all you have to do is be famous and release a YouTube video. Done and done.

Business & Technology

Ohio revokes drilling license of company caught dumping fracking fluid in the sewer

When there's a lot of money to be made, a lot of people of varying commitment to ethical behavior will show up.


Congress takes a big hit of hemp-farm legalization

A bill introduced in the U.S. House this week would legalize the farming of industrial hemp, and a Senate bill will soon follow.


Outgoing energy secretary denies lurid allegations from prominent news outlet

Steven Chu was forced to rebut allegations of an extramarital affair on Facebook.

Business & Technology

Oil companies aren’t happy that the government is making them fix defective offshore rig parts

Sniffle sniffle.


Biggest cities with biggest transit systems still face biggest congestion

Cities have the most of everything, from car traffic to sweet public bus rides.


Fish DNA database aims to fight seafood fraud and promote conservation

DNA testing is the only way to fight seafood fraud -- but can it be made to help consumers and not just scientists?

Climate & Energy

Another climate poll demonstrates that climate polls are stupid

You should only read this because you like being mad about things.

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