Heady Colo. farmers plowing ahead with hemp farming

One Colorado farmer has planted the nation's first big industrial hemp crop in 60 years. Yes, it's still illegal.

Climate & Energy

As climate change broils the Arctic, John Kerry apologizes

At Arctic Council meetings in Sweden, the secretary of state wants the world to know the U.S. is very sorry for all that it has done to destroy the ice.

Climate & Energy

California might borrow $500 million from its climate fund

California's governor saw $500 million sitting around, waiting to be spent on climate projects, and decided it should probably be spent in other ways.

Climate & Energy

97 out of 100 climate scientists agree: Humans are responsible for warming

Say it again: Another exhaustive study confirms that there's virtually no disagreement among climate scientists about the cause of climate change.

Climate & Energy

Just in time for summer: Budget cuts force Forest Service to skimp on firefighters, trucks

Across-the-board spending cuts triggered by congressional uselessness will see more than 500 federal firefighting jobs cut this summer, despite the threat of major wildfires.


Kosher salt: Don’t stress about sodium intake (unless you’re an average American)

A new study says limiting our salt intake to under 2,300 milligrams a day might not actually be that beneficial. But most Americans consume way more salt than that.


U.N. to world: “Eat your insects.”

A new U.N. report suggests farming and eating insects could be one of the best ways to feed the world's swelling population.

Climate & Energy

Climate-related disasters cost American taxpayers $96 billion last year

American taxpayers spent more money cleaning up and helping out after natural disasters in 2012 than they spent on education or transportation.

Climate & Energy

North Pole wanders, thanks to climate change

Melting ice and rising seas are shifting the position of the North Pole by eight inches a year.