Modern-day Robin Hoods: Stealing construction supplies from the rich to give to the Sandy-hit poor

Concerned citizens are confiscating tools and materials from luxury developments and giving them to those hurt the worst by superstorm Sandy.

Climate & Energy

Soon-to-retire weather satellites played key role in predicting Sandy’s path

The storm's sharp westward turn was predicted earlier thanks to data from satellites that may soon go offline.

Climate & Energy

The government scolds the company responsible for last week’s rig explosion

In extremely lame fashion.


Please don’t be thankful for America’s unsustainable love affair with big-box retail

Are you planning to celebrate the 50th anniversary of big retail by shopping this Friday? If so, :( .

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The 16 scariest maps from the E.U.’s massive new climate change report

Consider this your road map for the future.

Climate & Energy

Fracking updates interspersed with jokes

Fracking in the news! Lots of news about fracking! Step right up, get your fracking news!


Boston has a few thousand gas leaks it shouldn’t worry about

Thanks to aging underground pipelines, natural gas is leaking out in more than 3,300 spots around Boston. In six locations, the leaks are big.


Chevron is newly concerned about politicians being influenced by money

File this under "irony" and "chutzpah."


San Francisco approves micro apartments

San Francisco is changing the city building code to allow for "micro-unit apartments" that boast only 150 square feet of living space.

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