Will the FDA keep hiding most data on farm antibiotic use?

The FDA has been protecting big agriculture's trade secrets and ignoring the public's right to know.


San Francisco’s private-public spaces go public-public

After languishing underused for more than 25 years, dozens of plazas in downtown San Francisco are finally becoming more accessible to the public.


The real gun crisis is in America’s urban sacrifice zones

The massacre in Newtown, Conn., has revived the national debate over gun control. But the real bloodbath happens every day in our cities.

Climate & Energy

For the 36th November in a row, global temperatures were above average

Yet 2012 is on track to be only the eighth warmest year ever. We can do better!

Climate & Energy

Wyoming considers adding fossil fuels to school curriculum — with the industry’s help

The proposal has already passed one key legislative committee.

Climate & Energy

Coal museum installs solar panels to save money (obviously)

Because coal belongs in a museum, and solar panels belong on roofs.


Soot pollution may cause as many as 3.2 million premature deaths a year

Which is why efforts to reduce particulate pollution as a vital public health issue.

Business & Technology

Fracking companies want to ship wastewater by barge, since boats never spill

The Coast Guard is currently reviewing the request from fracking companies. One scientist says, "Oh, crap. A lot of things could go wrong."


Senator famous for shooting cap-and-trade bill argues for gun control

West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin, who has been resolutely pro-gun and anti-coal, is moderating one of those positions.

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