From bike shares to urban farms, Philadelphia is on the rise

And a new office of urban innovation could spur even more eco-futurism in the City of Brotherly Love.

Climate & Energy

King tides give California coast a taste of warmer, wetter future

It's just natural gravity at work this time, but soon the waters could be this high all the dang time.

Climate & Energy

People aren’t connecting extreme weather to climate change — at least, not on Google

Google's annual report on top searches prompted us to check out who looked for info on Hurricane Sandy, drought, and global warming.

Climate & Energy

Forecast for the Northeast by 2070: Much warmer, much rainier winters

Winters in the Northeastern U.S. will have less snow and more rain in the future. As a native, I find this heartbreaking.


Community health centers rise up from toxic brownfields

New health centers for low-income people are being built on formerly contaminated land -- finally, brownfields redevelopment that helps locals.

Climate & Energy

Yoko Ono is here to convince you that fracking is bad

And Yoko knows bad.

Climate & Energy

2012 saw the fewest wildfires in a decade — but the second-most acres burned ever

NASA's map of the year's wildfires in the U.S. is jaw-dropping.

Business & Technology

Americans are quite literally giving their gold and silver away

Mining companies don't have to pay any royalties at all to extract precious metals from public land. A new GAO report highlights the absurdity.

Climate & Energy

Interior: We’ll maybe finalize those fracking rules next year

Last May, the department suggested new regulations by the end of 2012. No longer.

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