Occupy’s ‘Rolling Jubilee’ is a model for cooperative purchasing power

Could Occupy Wall Street's "People's Bailout" be scaled up to bail out the environment?


Americans less optimistic about Obama’s environmental impact

A new poll shows Americans are not as hopeful about Obama's ability to make positive environmental change as they were in 2008.


Dole sued over dirty banana plantation

The world's largest producer of fresh fruits and veggies is accused of destroying wetlands and local farms in Guatemala.


Walmart wants to be sustainable? It should start with its labor force

Walmart is expanding its "Sustainability Index" to make its products greener. But it should start with its labor force: Workers are planning a big "Black Friday" strike.


ExxonMobil would like a carbon tax. Barack Obama would not.

No, that's not backwards.

Business & Technology

Major coal company agrees to stop mountaintop-removal mining

Patriot Coal has agreed to a deal to stop mountaintop-removal mining, which the company says "will result in a reduction of our environmental footprint."


Expect more farm-fresh food in school cafeterias, thanks to $4.5 million from USDA

The Department of Agriculture is doling out grants to build connections between schools and nearby farmers.

Climate & Energy

The latest dirty player in the Petraeus scandal: Coal

Coal has only a bit, bit, bit part -- but you shouldn't be surprised it turned up.

Climate & Energy

Google’s clean energy investments near $1 billion

This week, Google announced that it’s putting $75 million into an Iowa wind farm, making for a total of $990 million invested in clean energy.

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