Obama doubles size of California marine sanctuary, adorable otters rejoice

The president has proposed adding more than 2,700 square miles to a marine sanctuary off the coast of Northern California. Otters rejoice.

Climate & Energy

Appeals court rejects industry attempt to kill EPA regulation of greenhouse gases

This is a win for the EPA and climate action. But the fight's not over yet -- the case could get kicked up to the Supreme Court.


House GOP wants to crack down on environmental regs because jobs

After all, the record boom in domestic oil and gas extraction is clearly not boomy enough.


U.S. cities are getting denser

But from sea to shining sea, we still love to sprawl.

Climate & Energy

Like salty, warm water? Skip the Dead Sea and head to any ocean

You could go to the actual Dead Sea, too, but that's drying up anyway.

Business & Technology

Huge power plant gives up on coal, the Times reports with a shrug

The closure of the Big Sandy coal plant in Kentucky is Big News -- but not, it seems, to The New York Times.


America’s fastest-growing state: North Frackota

The lure of jobs overcomes the deterrent of boredom.

Climate & Energy

Global disaster costs dropped in 2012 — and in U.S., if GOP is to be believed

Insurance costs for disasters hit a three-year low worldwide. Meanwhile, Republicans in Congress are trying to shortchange Sandy victims.


Meet Arnold Schwarzenegger, sorta green activist and Keystone XL fan

How the former governor got that gig and what it tells us about his next chapter.