European agency declares popular pesticide too dangerous for bees

The world's most widely used insecticide is unacceptable for use around bees, says a new report from Europe's food safety agency.

Climate & Energy

Marcellus, N.Y., namesake of the Marcellus shale formation, bans fracking

A unanimous town board vote means that the namesake for the shale formation will never allow it to be fracked.

Climate & Energy

Keystone will be even worse for the climate than you thought, says futile new report

Petroleum coke, a byproduct of the tar-sands process, is worse for the climate than coal, says a report that's not likely to change anyone's mind.


Guess which North American country produces the most garbage. Wrong!

We suspect that this factoid won't make it into tourism brochures.


Another urgent need for infrastructure spending: Levees

Many of the nation's levees are in bad shape, says the Army Corps of Engineers. But Republicans don't like to fund disaster prevention.


Washington’s brand-new governor, Jay Inslee, wastes no time promoting clean energy

Inslee's first act as governor was to write the head of a clean energy company and invite that company to move to Washington state.


EPA drops methane inquiry to keep oil company happy

The EPA had been investigating a case of water contamination that might have come from fracking -- until the fracking company complained.

Climate & Energy

Proposed wind farm gets the OK to kill bald eagles, which will definitely not backfire

There's no way that the government giving approval to kill bald eagles would be used against the wind industry, right?

Climate & Energy

Soot is the second-most dangerous global warming pollutant

New findings suggest that particulate emissions pose a serious threat to the climate.