Climate & Energy

Climate should be Obama’s No. 1 priority, say lots of people who aren’t tree-hugging enviros

The New Yorker calls on Obama to put climate action at the top of his agenda. So does Republican Christine Todd Whitman and other non-hippies.

Climate & Energy

Chevron to poor California town: ‘Thanks, but we’d rather pollute’

Three months after a fire at Chevron's Richmond refinery, the oil giant says it is rebuilding to pollute as usual.

Business & Technology

E.U. wimps out, postpones controversial airline-emissions law

Under pressure from the U.S. and other big polluters, the European Union is stopping the clock on an emissions-trading system for airlines.


Do environmental groups deserve credit for big wins last week?

Green groups invested in eight U.S. Senate races, and their preferred candidates won in seven of them. What does that tell us? It's complicated.

Climate & Energy

Venice swamped by near-record flooding

Venice has always experienced periodic flooding, but it's happening more often these days.


Ticks are turning victims into vegetarians

People in southern and central parts of the U.S. are developing mammal meat allergies after getting bitten by the lone star tick.


Building climate resilience through smarter cities and tighter communities

To cope with climate change and the disasters it brings, we need not just better infrastructure but stronger community ties.

Climate & Energy

Obama limits oil-shale development OK’d by Bush

The Interior Dept. plans to close 1.6 million acres of federal land that had been slated by the Bush admin for oil-shale development. Remember Bush?


Will baby boomers just keep on driving?

Boomers drove America's love affair with the automobile. Now that they're aging, will they cut out the driving, or just shift to different cars?

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