‘Magic': How New York dried out and fired up its subway system

The New York Times has the fascinating story of how the city's transit system was pulled back from the brink of disaster.

Tree-sits: Transcendent protest glory or just bottles of pee?

Tree-sitting protests are becoming more common. They're not just about buckets of human excrement -- they can also be effective.


Climate change and overfishing hurt our cutest, tiniest fish

Sardines and other forage fish are struggling. Is it climate change, plankton decline, overfishing -- or all of the above?

Climate & Energy

As gas prices drop elsewhere, New York begins rationing

Nationally, Hurricane Sandy doesn't seem to have affected gas prices, which are continuing to decline.


What a Cabinet shake-up could mean for energy and the climate

Lisa Jackson at EPA, Steven Chu at the Dept. of Energy, and Ken Salazar at Interior are all rumored to be on the way out. Who might replace them?


Little coyotes are moving to the big cities

From wildlife to city life: Coyotes are making homes in more of North American urban spaces.

Climate & Energy

The fake ‘War on Coal’ continues, and a coal boss shares his prayer for a doomed nation

Post-election, coal stocks are down and coal-mine owner Robert Murray is praying for forgiveness for the "drastic decisions" he now must make.


Could hemp make a resurgence thanks to marijuana legalization?

Ballot measures passed in Colorado and Washington legalize hemp as well as marijuana. Could this kick-start an industry?

Climate & Energy

The Times’ thorough overview of climate change’s new political moment

In the New York Times today is a handy overview of environmental politics over the course of Obama’s first term, focused on the new, post-Sandy reality. Just getting up to speed after, like, a Rip van Winkle-sort-of thing? Read it. Well, everyone else might want to take a look, too; that’s why I’m putting up this goldurn post about it. From “A Change in the Weather on Wall Street”, by Tina Rosenberg: In March, 2009, the White House invited leaders of environmental organizations to a meeting. The invitees thought they were going to hear about the president’s strategy on climate …

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