Climate & Energy

Climate-related disasters cost American taxpayers $96 billion last year

American taxpayers spent more money cleaning up and helping out after natural disasters in 2012 than they spent on education or transportation.

Climate & Energy

North Pole wanders, thanks to climate change

Melting ice and rising seas are shifting the position of the North Pole by eight inches a year.

Climate & Energy

Obama administration gives wind industry a pass for killing birds

Wind turbines killed an estimated 83,000 birds of prey last year, yet the administration has never prosecuted a wind farm for killing a protected bird.


Kids these days just don’t care about cars

Driving rates in the U.S. continue to decline, thanks to millennials. A new report argues that the rejection of car culture is here to stay.

Climate & Energy

Coal plants could be linked to thousands of North Carolina suicides

New research suggests that people in counties with coal-fired power plants are more likely to kill themselves.


Occupy the Farm movement rises again, hours after being raided

Guerrilla farmers planted thousands of veggie seedlings over the weekend, only to see them plowed over Monday by the University of California. Within hours, the activists returned.

Business & Technology

North Carolina might ban Tesla’s business model

Lawmakers are pushing a bill that would prevent Tesla from selling its own cars in the state, forcing it to go through commission-charging car dealerships instead.


Food-safety push in California hurts wildlife — and doesn’t make food safer

A deadly outbreak of E. coli in 2006 spurred an overhaul of food-safety practices, but that's been bad news for natural habitats, a study finds.

Climate & Energy

Pennsylvania’s ag-gag law could protect frackers

A bill in the state House would not only shield animal abusers from activists -- it could also shield natural-gas companies.