House GOP finds perfect energy committee staffer in the energy industry

I know! We were surprised, too!

Climate & Energy

Natural gas is eating coal’s lunch in the Southeast

The Southeastern U.S., traditionally a coal-reliant area, is gradually shifting to natural gas as an electricity source.


China’s going greener, even if it means flattening 700 mountains

Expanding the country's dirtiest city will mean flattening the landscape.

Climate & Energy

Unless hell freezes over, 2012 will be the hottest year in U.S. history

And we basically mean that literally.

Climate & Energy

The 2012 Arctic report card: We’re going to need some summer school

Assuming that summer school involves desperately trying to keep ice from melting.

Climate & Energy

NYC Mayor Bloomberg calls for climate preparedness, reviews Sandy recovery

The mayor's legacy will be how New York handles the climate crisis. In a big speech this morning, he presented his vision.

Business & Technology

Nearly 50 percent of new electricity generation capacity added in 2012 was renewable

Let's hope we can say the same or better by this time next year.

Climate & Energy

One way to slow Arctic ice loss: Stop flying over it

Reducing emissions from airplanes over the Arctic could allow the region's ice to recover slightly, according to new research.

Climate & Energy

Hundreds of Nebraskans speak out against Keystone XL pipeline

At a public meeting on Tuesday, Nebraskans lined up to oppose the pipeline. But the ultimate decision will be made at the White House.

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