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Google’s clean energy investments near $1 billion

This week, Google announced that it’s putting $75 million into an Iowa wind farm, making for a total of $990 million invested in clean energy.


New York Gov. Cuomo: ‘We will lead on climate change’

Post-Sandy, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo is calling for big-scale action to prepare for future storms and reduce energy use.

Climate & Energy

Snow near tar-sands mines is contaminated, researchers find

A toxic substance found in snow near oil-sands operations could harm fish eggs, a new study suggests.

Climate & Energy

Texas hits new milestone for wind power generation. Yes: Texas.

Last Saturday morning, more than a quarter of Texas's power came from wind.

Climate & Energy

BP agrees to settlement reportedly including billions in fines, manslaughter charges

Billions of dollars in fines and manslaughter charges are key elements of a deal between the oil giant and the Justice Department, according to the Associated Press.

Climate & Energy

California leads the way in green energy, but not green living

The Golden State may be funding clean energy like crazy, but lots of Californians still want to live in the car-happy suburbs.


U.S. building is going green for profit, not for the climate

More developers and property owners are committed to green building, but because it will save them money, not because it will save the planet.

Climate & Energy

Netherlands may face lawsuit over climate change inaction

Despite public investments in sustainable infrastructure, activists are threatening the Dutch government with legal action over climate change.


New York’s bikeshare takes another hit, this time from Sandy

Will the ill-fated program ever start renting bikes? Well, yes. But, man, it's been slow.

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