Climate & Energy

Reliance on coal forces another company into bankruptcy

In case you're wondering, investors, the hills are that-a-way.


Feds predict end times for Colorado River water

About 40 million Westerners rely on the Colorado River today. By 2060, the river will be severely overtapped, according to a government report.


The lesson to be learned from the politics of gun control

Advocates of gun control try to leverage sharp anger to create change. There's a lesson here for every political actor.


From farm to table, we’re losing tons of food

Forty percent of the food grown in the U.S. is trashed -- and a lot of it is still perfectly edible.

Climate & Energy

Energy prices are the most volatile prices in the country

Data from the Consumer Price Index shows how the natural-gas boom is leading to lower prices for Americans.


The EPA tightens limits on soot, predicting huge health benefits

Nice that the government can take regulatory action in the face of lobbying to keep people alive sometimes, isn't it?

Climate & Energy

Judge reverses course, lets Keystone XL construction continue

Unfortunately, TransCanada's "oil is oil" logic worked in the courts this time around. But pipeline opponents get another hearing next week.


Global life expectancies increase as infectious diseases and hunger wane

But now more people are growing obese and getting diseases like cancer and diabetes.

Climate & Energy

Idiot misinterprets draft U.N. climate report, shares his idiocy with the world

Climate denier Alex Rawls leaked the IPCC's forthcoming report, erroneously claiming that one sentence in it undermines climate science.