Can’t we just skip ahead to the end of this U.N. climate conference already?

We've seen this movie so many times before.


Attempts to kill renewable energy just got dumber

The Heartland Institute, last seen blithely celebrating its ridiculous anti-climate billboards, is excited about its new project.

Climate & Energy

While we dither on spending to prevent disaster, Big Oil doubles down on causing it

Damage to New York from Sandy will run $19 billion -- but we don't seem to want to prevent it happening again.

Climate & Energy

The shells of ocean animals are already dissolving in acidic seas

This was expected -- just not so soon.


Paris to ban older cars, ruining all of your chase scenes

Everything you know about Paris (that you learned by watching the Bourne Identity) is about to change.

Climate & Energy

For the first time, a fossil fuel tanker is navigating the Arctic

A huge ship carrying liquid natural gas is about to do something that no tanker has done before: traverse the winter Arctic to send fossil fuels from Norway to Japan.


Happy Wastegiving, America!

Don't throw out all that turkey. Here's a little something to remind you of horrendous and embarrassing holiday food waste.

Modern-day Robin Hoods: Stealing construction supplies from the rich to give to the Sandy-hit poor

Concerned citizens are confiscating tools and materials from luxury developments and giving them to those hurt the worst by superstorm Sandy.

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Soon-to-retire weather satellites played key role in predicting Sandy’s path

The storm's sharp westward turn was predicted earlier thanks to data from satellites that may soon go offline.