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Almost half of all coal burned in the world is burned in China

Which bodes poorly for just about every possible climate and health metric.

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Texas is thinking about giving its oil and gas inspectors guns

Nothing helps resolve tense, volatile situations like firearms.

Climate & Energy

TransCanada accidentally starts building Keystone XL on land it doesn’t own

It probably got confused after sniffing tar-sands fumes.


Beijing’s recurring air pollution grounds flights, puts kids in the hospital

It seems clear that the problem isn't going away any time soon.


Are you a terrible person for eating quinoa?

Read our definitive take on the non-definitive debate about the booming global quinoa market.

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Waste heat from cities can heat up other parts of the planet

Cities can help solve climate change, but a new study finds that urban areas are also contributing to climate disruption in an unexpected way.

Climate & Energy

One step forward, one step back for tar-sands protesters

Anti-tar-sands activists joined in Idle No More protests around the globe today. But Keystone blockaders in Texas suffered a big blow in court.


Marco Rubio: ‘Changing the weather’ isn’t something government can do

But it's something that Rubio's fossil fuel backers are doing already.

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Famed climate economist Nicholas Stern: ‘I underestimated the risks’ of climate change

Speaking at Davos' annual gathering, Stern was most likely preaching to the sinners.