Help sponsor food justice for only 10 cents a day

A new report out today (Food Day!) shows a $2.55 minimum wage increase would just barely impact food costs for American families.

Climate & Energy

Guess where all of our new energy came from last month? (Hint: Not coal)

At this rate, we'll be renewable-only just a few short decades after we're all dead!

Climate & Energy

Fertilizer companies and climate change are killing the Dead Sea

The Dead Sea has gone dry in the past. It may be on its way to doing so again.

Probably a good idea: Government to study cancer risk of living near nuclear sites

A similar study in 1990 found nothing to worth worrying about, but, hey, good idea to check.


Alternative presidential debate: Some climate, mostly drugs

Last night's alternative presidential debate took on climate change -- kind of.


Americans spend $4.2 billion a year on gluten-free products

And spend absolutely nothing on free products. (See what I did there?)


Judge bans GMOs in national wildlife refuges

Which seems kind of like a no-brainer, but what do we know.

Climate & Energy

Will Sandy destroy the entire East Coast? Probably not.

I guess that headline was a little over the top.

Climate & Energy

Solar power saves school music program

Solar power has resuscitated a central California school music program.

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