Climate & Energy

2012 saw the fewest wildfires in a decade — but the second-most acres burned ever

NASA's map of the year's wildfires in the U.S. is jaw-dropping.

Business & Technology

Americans are quite literally giving their gold and silver away

Mining companies don't have to pay any royalties at all to extract precious metals from public land. A new GAO report highlights the absurdity.

Climate & Energy

Interior: We’ll maybe finalize those fracking rules next year

Last May, the department suggested new regulations by the end of 2012. No longer.


Different breeds of urban agriculture duke it out in Detroit

The Detroit City Council has OK'd a big, millionaire-backed urban forestry project, but will it also support smaller community farms?

Climate & Energy

Oil companies polluting aquifers with EPA’s blessing

While much of the country suffers from drought, the feds give oil and mining companies licenses to pollute what water we do have.


Study finds ‘widespread seafood fraud’ at restaurants

Almost 40 percent of tested fish in New York City were mislabeled, with endangered or toxic varieties being served instead of what's listed on the menu.


Sen. Boxer to form congressional ‘climate change caucus,’ which should do the trick

There are some 250 other caucuses, including a Climate Caucus, but this new one is surely just what's needed.

Climate & Energy

Drought hits Colorado ranchers, and polluting oil drillers deliver another blow

Sheep farmers are suffering from Colorado's persistent drought. Meanwhile, oil and gas companies pollute some of the water that remains.

Business & Technology

Exxon’s predictions for 2040: More oil use, more electricity use, more, more, more

ExxonMobil's annual "Outlook for Energy" report is not without bias -- or alarming data.