Debate watch

An alternative timeline of what the Clinton-Trump debates could have been.

The debate that never was on climate change.

Debate Watch

It’s 2016, and we’re arguing about the constitutional validity of Roe v. Wade.

What did the presidential candidates say about a woman's constitutional right to abortion in their third debate?

take me to your litter

Rising seas could zap billion-dollar space equipment.

The military is building a debris-detecting radar on a island that sits just a few feet above the ocean.

Give and take

In a weird twist, hurricanes help keep deltas above water.

Without storms, we may be sunk.


Oil companies should be scared of electric vehicles.

So says a report by the Fitch credit rating agency, which warns that rapid innovation in batteries could trigger an "investor death spiral."

Oh snap!

Fossil fuel favorite Lamar Smith just lost a big ol’ endorsement.

The San Antonio Express-News has refused to endorse Smith because of his "bullying on the issue of climate change"

Dead Or Alive? Who Knows

The stem cell burger is back, and this time it might even be affordable.

The lab-grown patty used to cost $330,000. Now it could be as low as $10.


Will an obstinate Senate help heat up the planet?

Will the Kigali agreement to curb HFCs need to be ratified by the Senate? If so, the chamber is sure to block it.


Rubio’s new climate excuse: “I am 100 percent in favor of mitigation, if in fact sea levels are rising.”

Welcome to Rubio's new excuse. At least he's not a scientist.