Dakota Access

The Clinton campaign isn’t ready to take a stance on the Dakota Access pipeline.

The Clinton campaign avoids taking a position other than support for the Obama administration's review process.

In cold flood

North Carolina is urging people to evacuate — days after Hurricane Matthew.

The storm moved away from the state on Sunday, but North Carolina rivers are still rising.

Eyes on the Prize

Top U.S. climate negotiator warns the world is watching our deplorable election

The Paris climate deal will never be fully “Trump-proof,” Jonathan Pershing says. But rolling back progress wouldn’t be so easy.

jesus fracking christ

How are you celebrating Oilfield Prayer Day?

Oilfield Prayer Day seems a distasteful addition to a week filled with real holidays such as Indigenous People’s Day and Yom Kippur.

Power Move

Clinton would veto any attempt to overturn the Clean Power Plan, says her campaign chair.

Clinton will go to the wall to defend Obama's signature environmental achievement, according to John Podesta.

good-ish news

Energy-related carbon emissions were way down in the first half of 2016 — but there’s a catch.

Unfortunately, there's always a catch.

Cooling-off period

Will this climate agreement hurt the world’s poorest?

A plan to slash ultra-potent greenhouse gas could lead to suffering in the short term.

Take Note 7

2.5 million exploding Samsung phones just got recalled. Now what?

Exploding Samsungs and jackless iPhones bring up a lot of big questions about recycling electronics.

Pipe down

Climate activists shut down five tar-sands oil pipelines.

And 10 of them got arrested.