Mad Hatter

This Virginia congressman thinks the EPA is already pretty great.

And he's got the hat to prove it.

Republic of Empiricism

Scientists aren’t just marching, they’re running for office.

Scientists have long sought to distance themselves from politics. Looks like that's starting to change, thanks to Trump.

High on our own supply

Why is California building fossil-fuel power plants it doesn’t need?

An L.A. Times investigation reveals that utilities are picking the pockets of the poor and hurting California's climate efforts.

Deja woo woo

A South Dakota education bill has scientists wondering if we’re headed back to the Cretaceous.

Critics worry it would lead schools to ditch lessons about evolution and climate change in favor of teaching ideas like creationism.

Not-so-great expectations

Watch out: Notorious climate denier Lamar Smith is fixated on “Making EPA Great Again.”

At a hearing on Tuesday, he's expected to push a bill limiting the kinds of science EPA can use.

The Resistance to Trump is real, and it’s been busy

Climate hawks have been at the forefront.

Maryland, Maryland, quite contrary-land

Maryland lawmakers have pushed past their governor’s veto to embrace renewable power.

It's not all about Washington, D.C. States continue to move forward on climate and clean energy initiatives.

Who run the world?

Sweden’s climate minister just trolled Trump in the most excellent way.

After signing a new climate law, she posted an epic photograph that many on social media interpreted as a jab at President Trump.

Do U Even Lyft

Uber’s CEO would like you to re-download the company’s app, please.

The ride-sharing company is dumping Trump after a #DeleteUber movement takes over Twitter.