Miami heat

We finally heard what Clinton sounds like when she digs in on climate.

Al Gore and Hillary Clinton appeared side-by-side in a Miami campaign stop that framed the climate-change challenge in an unusually optimistic light.

You call this justice?

This coal baron is running for governor of West Virginia — and he owes millions in mine safety penalties.

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Jim Justice also isn't convinced that climate change is happening.

Dakota access

A man drove a truck through a crowd of protesters as tensions over the Dakota Access pipeline escalate.

The assault in Reno comes as the Standing Rock activists dig in their heels.


Meat giant, Tyson Foods, is betting on meat alternatives going big.

The company just bought a stake in veggie steaks.

There will be flood

Hurricane Matthew may be over, but the waters haven’t receded yet in parts of North Carolina.

About 2,000 rescues have been made in hurricane-hit areas of the state, and more than a thousand people still need rescuing.

Burn notice

Forest fires are getting bigger, and yep, it’s definitely our fault.

“Duh,” you say -- but now we have numbers.

Hurricane Matthew

Hurricane Matthew’s toll continues to climb.

Although Matthew has been downgraded to an offshore, post-tropical cyclone, the danger of flood rapids remains life-threatening.

Hit me baby, one Gore time

Al Gore wants to convince millennials to vote for Hillary Clinton.

The former veep and long-time climate activist will campaign with Clinton in Florida on Tuesday.

The court end of the stick

A federal court has dealt a blow to protestors fighting the Dakota Access Pipeline.

But the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe, leaders of the anti-pipeline campaign, vow to fight on.