The bison is back and better than ever

Our new national mammal has arrived and she's fabulous.

Climate & Energy

“Keystone-ization” is the fossil fuel industry’s new nightmare

Does the growing file of scrapped pipeline plans forecast our energy future? Here’s hoping!


Trump and Cruz might drive even a Koch brother to vote for Clinton

You know it's bad when Charles Koch thinks you're too scary to vote for.

in hot water

Coral bleaching has swept 93 percent of the Great Barrier Reef

This is the biggest disaster to hit the iconic reef, and we're not out of hot water yet.


Seattle’s new environmental justice agenda was built by the people it affects the most

It seeks policies that support equitable environments and create green paths out of poverty.

Climate & Energy

John Kerry tugs at heartstrings at the Paris signing

Kerry makes a cute, symbolic statement about global warming.


These Audubon photo winners show birds in all their strangeness and splendor

What are you looking at, snowy plover?


A top climate negotiator isn’t stressing out over the future of the Paris agreement

Grist catches up with Todd Stern about why he doesn't wonder, “Oh my God, what if.”


Rapper Common releases new song to make a case for Flint aid

The video asks viewers to sign a petition to compensate victims of the lead crisis.