keep it down

Fracking causes noise pollution that could be harmful to your health.

Yep, there's another thing to worry about.

new year, same fight

These are the indigenous-led climate movements to watch out for in 2017.

Here’s a round-up of Native activism leading next year's charge against climate disaster.


OK, John Kasich did a fine thing for renewables.

Kasich sent a message about Ohio's priorities.

you can't drink oil

Another Native-led pipeline battle bubbles up in New Jersey.

This fight is also over a critical Native water source — but it’s a little more complicated than Dakota Access.

What do we want?

Two of the year’s biggest stories were about vulnerable people demanding safe drinking water.

Get used to it: Environmental justice stories are here to stay.

Boy Bye

California is not playing around with climate action.

Astonishingly, Brown found a semi-bright side to the Trump election.

What a record-breaking year! Sigh.

2016 will almost certainly be the warmest year humans have ever spent on the Earth’s surface.

truth hurts

Fake news is old news to climate scientists

It’s not a recent trend, says climatologist Michael Mann, but it is a deeply dangerous one.


Elections expert says North Carolina is no longer a democracy.

The state's score on unfair districting is the worst in the world.