Bernie Sanders tells us how to fight for the climate in the Trump era.

"Our job is to mobilize and educate and to fight back at every instance."

Tinder to burn

102 million dead trees in California since 2010 will make for one helluva wildfire season.

Hella flammable.

Dakota access

White House stays quiet after police confrontation at Standing Rock

Law enforcement blasted protesters with water, pepper spray, and rubber bullets Sunday night.


The EPA chief’s post-election message: Keep calm and carry on.

"The train to a global, clean energy future has already left the station."

out with the old

It’s even easier than you thought for Republicans to repeal President Obama’s environmental protections.

An obscure Gingrich-era law will let Congress undo Obama-era rules.

A quake-up call

Oklahomans are suing frackers over earthquakes.

Pawnee, Okla., has seen nearly 800 earthquakes in the past year, including the biggest one ever recorded in the state.


With or without the U.S., the world’s going to move forward on climate change

COP22 wraps up with countries determined (for now) to keep Paris Agreement on track.

Dakota Access clash

Police tactics at Standing Rock have escalated to using water cannons in the freezing cold.

Police sprayed about 400 people in 20-degree temperatures, according to numerous reports.

thanks but

Obama could still permanently protect the Arctic and Atlantic Oceans. Here’s how.

The Interior Department's five-year plan limits oil and gas leasing, but could be undone by Trump.