He'll sign it

Congress sends GMO-labeling bill to Obama’s desk

The bill would make labeling mandatory nationwide.

turning on the charmander

Green group wants to use rare Pokemon to lure voters

NextGen Climate found the youth vote -- it's looking for Snorlax.

Amazon Fire

The world’s biggest rainforest might be on fire soon

When the Amazon burns, something is really wrong.


The “largest, dirtiest coal plant west of the Mississippi” announces major closures

A win for keeping coal in the ground.


The hot new trend in American infrastructure: Unpaved roads

We can't pay to repave roads so we're ripping them up instead.

Jeepers Veepers

Trump’s VP shortlist looks like him, sounds like him on climate

Here’s where his five top picks for vice president stand.


Sanders endorses Clinton to lead the fight against climate change

She’s a whole lot better than Trump, Sanders says.

Bern out

Our favorite Bernie Sanders moments

His bold climate and energy agenda will leave a lasting impact on the Democratic Party.


Republican platform declares coal is clean

We kid you not.